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Master degree offered

The Master Fine Art is fully accredited and reviewed by the NVAO (Nederlands-Vlaams Accreditatie Organisatie), the standard academic accreditation council for the Netherlands and the Flemish part of Belgium, and fully subsidised by the Dutch state. The Master degree we offer is a “Master of Arts” (MA).

Statement regarding changes in Dutch Higher Education Law

As a result of changes in the law governing Dutch Higher Education, the degree awarded to graduates of the Master Fine Art programme has changed. Instead of the previous degree Master of Fine Art, the programme now offers a Master of Arts degree.

In 2013, Dutch parliament passed a law which contained changes to the degrees given in Dutch Higher Education. This change of law meant that Arts & Science degrees became available for graduates of Universities of Professional Education and not just for academic programmes. It also meant that the degrees awarded for specific programmes are now determined by a ‘reference list’ – a list compiled by NUFFIC (the official Dutch organization for international cooperation in Higher Education). This list describes which degrees are ‘recognisable’ in an international perspective, ie which degrees are awarded in similar programmes abroad. The change of law also meant that programmes are obliged to award the degrees prescribed by the reference list.

In August 2015 an additional change was made, which directly affects the degree awarded by the Master Fine Art programme. This change encompassed a change in the reference list, which states that for all programmes aimed at visual arts and design, a bachelor/master of Arts degree is awarded. That change was effective immediately.