Open Day WdKA/PZI Master Design

>Wednesday 18 November, 19.00-20.30 pm / Zoom

Based on their own design question, students within the Master Design learn to do design and in-depth design research. They constantly reflect on what they discover and convey their work and expertise through storytelling. They combine and integrate this part-time master with their design practice, renew their own role and in this way that of creative professionals in society and organizations. They contribute to social, environmental and technological change. The combination of participatory work and authorship is fundamental.

Join us in the Open Day to find out more on our course, in a program where the course director, a tutor and two students share their insights and answer questions.

Subscribe before Friday 13th November via the email: and tell us your name, background (discipline) and what you expect from our master (short text).

Image credit: Design research, by Wiesje Korf.