Masterclass: Interior Design


Friday 7 November 16:30 – 19:30 uur
There are many things to consider when choosing a graduate school and Masterclass: Interior Design aims to make this process easier. The focus of a master's degree course can differ greatly from school to school, as can the expectations of the different institutions and the lifestyles that can be enjoyed in the various cities. Frame's latest book explores what future students can expect from 30 leading graduate schools across the globe and discover what opportunities await them.
On Friday 7 November, the event will explore the world of interior design, with each speaker sharing insight in their world of interior design. Alex Suarez – course director of the MIARD programme at Piet Zwart Institute – will act as moderator, with a Q&A after each talk. We invite you to attend this celebration where there will be drinks and snacks.  


Robert Thiemann
Director of Frame Publishers
Robert Thiemann – director of Frame Publishers and editor-in-chief of Frame magazine – kicks off with a talk about the book and the importance of giving current students, recent graduates and professionals looking for a specialisation the chance to get an in-depth overview of 30 of the world's leading graduate schools that offer a master's degree in interior design.
Jaspar Jansen
Co-owner of i29 interior architects
Jaspar Jansen is an interior architect who studied at the Rietveld Academy. He and Jeroen Dellensen started their own creative and versatile interior design studio, i29 interior architects, in 2002. The duo creates intelligent designs and striking images, based on strong ideas articulated in clear concepts. i29 won several awards lately – among others for their design of the first Frame pop-up shop. Jaspar Jansen will share his insight about interior design from a creative yet commercial perspective.
Lois Weinthal
Chair of the School of Interior Design at Ryerson University
Lois Weinthal is chair of the School of Interior Design at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Her research and practice investigates the relationship between architecture, interiors, clothing and objects, resulting in works that take on an experimental nature. Her teaching explores these topics where theoretical discussions in seminars are put into practice in the design studio. She is also the editor of several books related to interior design. As an authority in the academic field of interior design Lois Weinthal will share her insight with us.
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Living Light

In the context of the course of Materials 2 at MIARD (Master of Interior Architecture and Retail Design) at the Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam, we organized a lecture by Ed van Hinte with the title: “Living Light”.

In the lecture Ed will explain principles of lightweight design and the reasons behind them. He will show what thinking in lightweight structures may imply for building and architecture with an extra focus on interior design. The most important question: how to circumvent architectural conventions.

Ed van Hinte (1951) graduated in Industrial Design and Engineering at the University of Technology in Delft. He practised this profession during the '80s, but also started writing for magazines. Later he became an author of books, some of which concerned a theme that is important to him: the consequences of diminishing material production and consumption, by product lifespan extension (Eternally Yours) and mass reduction (Lightness Studios). Because of this focus he became a teacher and gave workshops on design and architecture all over the world. He was a curator of travelling exhibition Connecting Concepts, commissioned by Premsela Dutch Platform for design and fashion, the Netherlands Architecture Institute and Design Cooperation Brainport. He addresses the theme of lightweight structures in housing at DRS22 in The Hague, a multidisciplinary research facility for young designers that he started with graphic designer Renate Boere. Apart from that he continues working as a design critic and writer.

Date: 04 Nov. 2014 at 10AM.
Location: PIET ZWART INSTITUTE Mauritsstraat 36 3012 CJ Rotterdam / Karel Doormanhof 45 3012 GC Rotterdam.

The Interior Does Not Exist

The Interior Does Not Exist
24th International Biennale Interieur
17-26 October 2014
Kortrijk, Belguim

Piet Zwart Institute
Master Interior Architecture
& Retail Design [MIARD]

The Interior Does Not Exist is an exhibition at the 24th International Biennale Interieur of selected 2014 MIARD Graduation Projects that offer insight on the interior as space for speculation and reflection. A common link is to liberate preconceptions on the interior from the “shadow” historically cast by neighboring and more established disciplines. The field of interiors is in flux and undergoing an unprecedented renaissance, the exhibition aims to trigger dialogue on its potential futures.


Joanne Choueiri,
Interiors of Memories
Giulia Cosenza, Standstill
Maddalena Gioglio, Chroma Thick
Nathalia Martinez Saavedra, Interior Portraits
Kine Solberg, Lenscape

Buda Factory, Ventura Interieur
Dam 2, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium


Biennale Interieur

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Body Eat World Get Transmitter

Time: Tuesday 23rd of September, 7 pm
Location: Piet Zwart Institute, Karel Doormanhof 45 3012 GC Rotterdam

On the specifics of corporeal mediumship

The gift and curse to channel the history of the clan via the body of the self, and share, with whoemever is within reach, the pain and joy of that which never stops arriving in the guise of new emotional throws and spasms of the imagination: manic depression, hysteria, spiritual mediumship, witchcraft, carnival and obscene language are channels through which the deep knowledge of what, where, when, why and how the hell/fuck was/is happening is being transmitted. A history of power and its patriarchal repression, and an ongoing story of unsettling potentials.

Jan Verwoert is a critic and writer on contemporary art and cultural theory, who has been a core tutor on the fine art program at the Piet Zwart Institute since 2005, He is author of 'COOKIE!', a collection of texts edited by Vivian Sky Rehberg and Marnie Slater for the Piet Zwart Institute/Sternberg Press publication collaboration, which follows on his first collection of texts 'Tell me what you want, what you really really want', edited by Vanessa Ohlraun. 
Jan is also a contributing editor of Frieze magazine and his writing has appeared in different journals, anthologies and monographs. He is the author of 'Bas Jan Ader: In Search of the Miraculous', (MIT Press/Afterall Books 2006) and, together with Michael Stevenson, 'Animal Spirits—Fables in the Parlance of Our Time' (Christoph Keller Editions, JRP, Zurich 2013).

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Alumni participate in The Value of Nothing

Five newly commissioned projects, a group exhibition, Fieldwork Residencies, and an in-depth public program in which local and international artists reflect on our current economies and value systems.
The Value of Nothing is curated by Jesse van Oosten (TENT) and Michel van Dartel (independent curator, V2_). 

Opening: September 4 2014
Location: TENT

Address: With de Withstraat 50, Rotterdam

The group exhibition, projects and public program include Piet Zwart Institute, Master Media Design & Communication alumni Jonas Lund, Remco Torenbosch and Roel Roscam Abbing  and Piet Zwart Institute, Master Fine Art alumni Iratxe Jaio, Priscila Fernandes, Gil & Moti, Susana Pedrosa and Kym Ward. 

Other selected participants are:


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Master Fine Art: The Promotional Prize 2014

(Promotieprijs 2014)

Every academic year a promotional prize is awarded to a graduating student from the Master of Fine Art programme at the Piet Zwart Institute. This year the judging will take place on July 17th. The winner will be awarded 2,500 euros to work towards a public exhibition.

This year’s Promotional Prize jury is composed of Maaike Gouwenberg (curator and producer), Anna Okrasko (artist, alumna Piet Zwart Institute, Master Fine Art 2011), Gabriël Oostvogel,(Director De Doelen) and Dikkie Scipio (architect and owner KAAN Architecten).

The Piet Zwart Institute would like to thank Fleur Groenendijk and Margreet Leenders for their continued support of our students and alumni.

(credits image: Kairos Time at TENT. Rotterdam – photograph by Aad Hoogendoorn)

MFA Graduation Show: KAIROS TIME

Opening: Friday July 11th, 8pm
Exhibition: July 12 until August 17
Location: TENT, Witte de WIthstraat 50 3012 BR Rotterdam

Featuring: Liz Allan, Maarten Bel, Sabrina Chou, Philip Ewe, Christian Hansen, Ann Maria Healy, Roos Wijma, Hannah James, Graham Kelly, Perri MacKenzie, Machteld Rullens, and Micha Zweifel. 

Curated by Matteo Lucchetti


Kairos Time features twelve international artists based in Rotterdam whose works deploy a multiplicity of poetics and reflect diverse approaches to artistic practice today. The title refers to a possible common ground between the artists and the works, which may or may not be located in the spatio-temporal, social and political contexts from which they have emerged. Along with Kronos, Kairos is an ancient Greek word for time, but while the former refers to chronological, sequential time, the latter alludes to the right or opportune moment when action must be taken, chances seized or conversely lost, inevitably affecting the course of things. Kairos represents a time lapse, an indeterminate moment when anything can happen and opportunities can be grasped, if and when they are perceived at all. Kairos Time is here understood as a space of potential, found in the daily situations or circumstances that an artist must assess and work with or against.

If we view an art practice as a series of seized favorable moments, it is worth asking: how much opportunism does it take to be an artist today? In A Grammar of the Multitude (2004), the Italian philosopher Paolo Virno analyzes post-Fordist conditions of labor and describes opportunists as “those who confront a flow of ever-interchangeable possibilities, making themselves available to the greater number of these, yielding to the nearest one, and then quickly swerving from one to another.” By depriving the term of its negative connotation Virno invents an extremely up to date rhetoric around the contemporary worker, which recalls the traits of openness, flexibility, and the unbiased attitude that are often associated with the figure of the artist. 

Ranging from video to installation the works in Kairos time reflect the artist’s specific capacities to transform circumstances into meaningful visual systems, to turn specific material limits and restrictions into open-ended speculative journeys, and suggest that the opportune moment is a condition of the mind rather than a logically determined and immediately graspable point in time. 

In collaboration with the Master of Fine Art Program of the Piet Zwart Institute, the post-graduate studies & research institute of the Willem de Kooning Academy.




Screening Thursday July 10, 8pm 

The Fertile Nexus is a presentation of video works selected by Graham Kelly in dialogue with his work in the exhibition, Kairos Time, at Tent in Rotterdam. The screening will investigate the mutation of a now fluid moving image, following its migration from a controlled cinema context to its embedment within the external environment. It sets out to question the hybridisation of both the viewer and the image in their newly shared habitat: a transitional state from which one can look into the other and the other back into one.


Boomgaardsstraat 71

3012 XA Rotterdam 

The Netherlands 



Events in Café Bel by Maarten Bel

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