Online Open Day 2021

Online Open Day 2021 – Piet Zwart Institute

Join us for the Piet Zwart Institute Open Day, which will take place on Saturday November 20, from 11.00 till 15.00. Location: Online


Piet Zwart Institute will host their Open Day online. With a group of student representatives from each Master Program and staff members, we will host two timeslots of Student Talks: 11.00-12.00 & 13.00-14.00. In these sessions current students will tell you more about the different programs we offer at the Piet Zwart Institute and we will answer all your questions! 

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The Piet Zwart Institute houses four full-time Master programmes, Interior Architecture: Research + Design (MIARD); Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design, which encompasses Fine Art (MFA) Lens-Based Media (LB) and Experimental Publishing (XPUB) and two part-time Master programmes, Education in Arts (MeiA) and Master Design.

Do you want to know more about the part-time Master Programmes, Education in Arts and Master Design? See below how you can subscribe for their online presentations on November 20.  

Our next Open Day is planned for February 12, 2022.

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WdKA-PZI Master Design / Programme Online Open Day
Saturday 20 November 2021 / 12.00-14.00 pm 

Meeting ID: 954 9334 4133 
Passcode: 956281 

Due to the change of Covid measures, we have to invite you online for our Open Day. You find the new time schedule and the Zoom link above. 

12.00 – 12.45 pm Information on the Master Design and questions in general 
>by tutors Harma Staal & Hanneke Briër 

12.45 – 13.30 pm Student work and questions on their experiences 
>Katherina Slee, Jet v.d. Touw & Maaike de Laat 

13.30 – 14.00 pm What are you looking for in our course 
> by tutors Harma Staal & Hanneke Briër 

If you want more information in advance, please send us an email:    

And for information in general:  

Master of Education in Arts / Programme Online Open Day
Saturday November 20, 11.00 – 12.30: (online: link zoom below)

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Meeting ID: 937 4375 6240
Passcode: 927143

We warmly welcome you to take part in the Master of Education in Arts – online Open Day to find out more about our programme! Course director will give a presentation about the course and afterwards there is time for an elaborate, informal Q & A with staff and students.

Please via the email: We kindly ask you to provide us your name, background (discipline) and a short description of what interests you in our master program. To learn more please visit: Can’t attend? Visit one of our other Open Information Meetings throughout the year >

Workshop with Natasha Marie Llorens:
Secrets + Site-Writing: Social Spatial Strategies

Thursday, November 11th

This lecture and text workshop will explore the conjunction of Trevor Paglens series of photographs and Nina Valerie Kolowratnik’s architectural notion system in the context of her book, The Language of Secret Proof.  The workshop will think with Kolowratnik’s proposition for the experimental role architecture can play in decolonizing the discourse of space, as well as to whom the right to secrecy belongs in a self-avowed democratic society.

Site-Writing: Social Spatial Strategies
Friday, November 12th

A two-part workshop to explore Jane Rendell’s notion of site-writing, which begins any analysis of space with observational notions and the experience of the body. The morning seminar will give students a chance to explore a new publication Rendell is involved in, Slow Spatial Reader: Chronicles of Radical Affection, ed. Carolyn F. Strauss, and consider the application of this technique in students’ own practices. The afternoon session is a walking session through iconic interior/exterior spaces in Rotterdam. Together we will generate notes towards site-writing, discussing them as we move through the city and reflecting on how to generate embodied descriptions of space with the MA thesis project in mind.

Image credit: Interior pages of The Language of Secret Proof, Nina Valerie Kolowratnik. Photographs by Trevor Paglen, “Limit Telephotography,” 2006-2012.

Display #2 The Price for Fire Rossella Nisio


DISPLAY #2 – 05.11 – 13.11.2021
The Price for Fire
An exhibition by Rossella Nisio
In collaboration with Lorenzo Bassanelli / Organized by Sara Rajaei & Elian Somers

Het Wilde Weten / Robert Fruinstraat 35 / Rotterdam
Opening: Friday Nov 5, 18:00h*
Open: Saturday Nov 6, Sunday Nov 7, Friday Nov 12, Saturday Nov 13, 14:00h – 20:00h
Open by appointment: Monday Nov 8 – Thursday Nov 11, 16:00h – 20:00h
Message Rossella Nisio:
*Het Wilde Weten follows the current corona measures. To attend the opening on Friday a valid proof of vaccination or negative test (QR code) is required.

About The Price for Fire
In the afternoon of December 21, 1976, an accident shakes the torpid city of R, the artist’s hometown: a young man of 28 is killed when, ignited by faulty electric wiring, a can of paint thinner in his room catches fire. The accident was only succinctly reported in local and left-wing newspapers, but was deeply felt by the politically involved youth of R. The young man, M, was known as an activist and intellectual within a number of far-left groups. A proponent of spontaneous social action, he had been an adherent of the workers’ movements that had emerged in 1968. Born after World War II in a stifling provincial environment where no substantial change seemed possible, M held hopes of social upheaval, but ultimately wouldn’t survive the turn of the historical tide. Behind the engaged public persona however, M had entrusted his inner disillusionment and anguish to an alter-ego, whom he named “drifter,” subject of a number of poems he wrote. The poems, together with elements from the last years of his life, shape the core of The Price for Fire.
Through the elusive figure of M and the meandering eye of the camera, The Price for Fire explores narratives of unrest and resistance from an intimate perspective. Bridging collective and individual experiences of what became known as the Sessantotto in Italy, the work considers questions that era left open.

Rossella Nisio is an artist based in Rotterdam whose work has a focus on the relationship of history, memory and imagination. In 2019 she earned an MA in Fine Art and Design in the Lens-Based program at the Piet Zwart Institute. She is a resident artist at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam in 2021-22.

The Price for Fire was developed in collaboration with Lorenzo Bassanelli, and features the participation of Benjamin Akira Tallamy and Katherine Drake. It was made with the support of the Tijl Fonds and the Mondriaan Fonds.

The event is part of the public program DISPLAY initiated by Het Wilde Weten. The DISPLAY program is kindly supported by the Mondriaan Fonds. With special thanks to Summer Lee for the poster design.

Multiple Media
Lecture Series: DATA

Data can serve to understand our society, it makes the invisible visible and diffuses it.
We can perceive data as a new material, which we can accept, reject or cope with?
Can we imagine life without data?

The Multiple Media lecture series 2021 is led by Daphne Heemkerk and Olivier Otten of studio High-Rise. They invite internationally noted practitioners to present and talk about their work and explore the complexities of Data.

Lectures by:

Jeroen van Loon
September 27
Location:  PZI, Wijnhaven

Robert Kroos
October 8
Location:  PZI, Wijnhaven

Rafaël Rozendaal
October 29
Location:  MONO Rotterdam

November 19
Location:  MONO, Rotterdam

Kevin Bray
December 3
Location:  TBA

preparations for being together in an unknown period of time

The class of 2021 of the Master of Education in Arts spent a significant part of their study during the COVID-crisis. This made them increasingly aware of physical presence as a meaningful aspect of education, as well as of an urgency to devote themselves to a collective decision-making process in preparing their research and presentation. In their search to stay connected to each other as a group, they experienced the complexities of participating in a collective practice for an unknown period of time, while at the same time going through their individual research trajectories.

This process influenced their sense of collectivity and spurred them to stay in constant “preparation for being together”. While the radical proposal of a collective graduation project didn’t fall through, alternatively, they started searching and probing to share a digital space and complied a website/publication together entitled: preparations for being together in an unknown period of time. We hope you will enjoy wandering through this binder and time capsule of a specific historical moment.

Class of 2021: Maud Berden; Annemarie van den Berg; Marjolijn Gunst; Anita Hrnić; Lisanne Janssen; Márton Kabai; Gundega Melberga; Diogo Rinaldi (Mark Liberman, Sanne Cobussen: present in their absence)

With special thanks to: Master of Education in Arts, Piet Zwart institute, WdKA

Susana Pedrosa (course coordinator), Ingrid Commandeur (course director)

The team of graduation supervisors: Ingrid Commandeur, Emiel Copini, Irina Shapiro, Renée Turner, Sjoerd Westbroek and Thijs Witty.

Design website/publication: Kristin Metho
Web development: Rob Peters

SESSION: Laying a Table for the Ancestors

Saturday 9 October 2021
3–6 pm

Join us for a SESSION celebrating the poetics and circular temporality of harvest, on the occasion of Jasmine Thomas-Girvan’s solo exhibition Bathed in Sacred Fire, presented in collaboration with Sour Grass and the Piet Zwart Master of Fine Arts.

This special SESSION moves through a cycle of gathering, preparing, sharing, and enjoying the produce of a garden in dialogue with the celebration of an exhibition. Its title ‘Laying a Table for the Ancestors’ is inspired by the grounding from the artistic practice of Trinidad and Tobago artist Jasmine Thomas-Girvan, on the occasion of her first solo exhibition in Europe as part of Kunstinstituut Melly’s SOLO DUETS series. Often embedded in material traces of the Caribbean such as seed and gourds, palm fronds, and feathers, Thomas-Girvan’s sculpture embraces a botanical temporality of place in which ancestry can be embraced as futurity as well as past.

For this program, we will gather at our downstairs bookshop and café MELLY, before taking a short walk to the Piet Zwart Instituut where we will be welcomed by students and staff for an introduction to their collaborative garden. The planting and cultivation of the garden will be introduced, as well as the pedagogic principle of the garden as a place of collective learning among artists.

Following this, we will return to MELLY for a conversation program featuring honored guest, the author, and poet Olive Senior. Connecting virtually, Senior will share insights from her award-winning works such as the Gardening in the Tropics (1994, winner F. J. Bressani Literary Prize) which explores a Jamaican literary consciousness of political, natural, and spiritual worlds. Senior will engage in conversation with Thomas-Girvan, as well as with guest curators Annalle Davis and Holly Bynoe of Sour Grass, a curatorial agency dedicated to cultural practitioners of the Caribbean region.

SESSION: Laying a Table for the Ancestors – Experience – Kunstinstituut Melly

Kris Dittel

Kris Dittel is a Rotterdam-based curator, editor and occasional writer.

Informed by her background in economics and social sciences, her curatorial practice pays attention to the social, political and economic context of her work. Her long-term research projects materialise in a multitude of ways, as exhibitions, performances, publications, talks, public events, and other. Most recent research interests include Kinship & Community (Temporary Gallery, Cologne 2022); The Voice as Material (Post-Opera at TENT, V2_, Operadagen Rotterdam, 2019); and the question of value (The Trouble with Value at Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow and Onomatopee, Eindhoven, 2016–19). With Eloise Sweetman Kris co-hosts I Hope This Message Finds You Well, a podcast about curating.

Currently Kris is co-editing two publications, The Material Kinship Reader with Clementine Edwards (2021) and Singing Beyond Human with Jelena Novak (2022). Other edited volumes include The Trouble with Value: Art and Its Modes of Valuation (Onomatopee, 2020), Marjolijn Dijkman: Radiant Matter (Onomatopee, 2018), The Economy is Spinning(Onomatopee, 2017), and Antonis Pittas: Road to Victory (co-edited with Clare Butcher, Mousse Publishing and Hordaland Kunstsenter, 2017).

Between 2013-14 Kris was participant of De Appel Curatorial Programme in Amsterdam. She holds a master’s degree in art theory from Maastricht University (2010) and in economic policy and administration from Masaryk University, Brno (2006). 

Kris is 2021-22 Mediankunst fellow NRW, hosted by Temporary Gallery in Cologne.

MIARD Talks 2021-22: Mark Wigley

In a workshop with students of the Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design, Mark Wigley will discuss the contemporary relevance of Constant’s vision of networks – and the long life of the New Babylon project.   

The workshops are part of a larger program organized by Kunstinstituut Melly and Het Nieuwe Instituut.  

Kunstinstituut Melly and Het Nieuwe Instituut are proud to co-present an evening talks program and parkour surrounding the legacy and 101-year anniversary of Constant Nieuwenhuys. The program centers upon Nieuwenhuys’ visionary utopic architectural project New Babylon, as well as the landmark exhibition held in 1998 and curated by architecture historian Mark Wigley. Created in 1956, New Babylon offered a vision of a future built environment spanning the entire surface of the Earth, held aloft on pillars; of a society organized around leisure and play, work only being performed by automated machines. How does this vision look today? How does the proposition of New Babylon change from 1998 to 2021? And what was the impact of this exhibition upon those who saw it?

5 – 6 pm
At Kunstinstituut Melly, conversations and refreshments with special guest Mark Wigley and Rotterdam’s MIARD centering on the vitrine display presenting materials from our exhibition archive of the 1997 exhibition Constant: New Babylon. We will then enjoy a short walk to our neighboring institution, Het Nieuwe Instituut. 

6:30 – 8 pm
At Het Nieuwe Instituut, a lecture by Mark Wigley on the historic exhibition Constant: New Babylon.

Badlands Poster

Badlands – Meet the New Generation of Filmmakers

2 — 23 September 2021 at Eye Filmmuseum.

Who will determine the future’s cinematic landscape? Which stories will be told and how?

Up-and-coming film talent at Eye: a new generation of Dutch makers are given the opportunity to present their debut films, discuss filmmaking and select films by makers that inspired them.

During the Badlands evenings, the filmmakers will illuminate their artistic and societal visions as well as explain their personal drives using their own works and excerpts from makers who inspired them. What do they dream of? Who inspires them and what would they like to see changed? How do these new talents depict the pressing issues in their own lives? Time to share personal experiences.

In September, Eye will celebrate Dutch cinema’s future with a selection of eleven talented up-and-coming filmmakers who work in various disciplines and have diverse backgrounds. What unites them is their individuality and unique artistic ideas on cinema as an artform, in short: as yet untold stories.

The talents of September: Lenina Ungari, Daniël Ernst, Rossella Nisio, Jemima de Jonge, Festus Toll, C.T.H. Fransen, Kevin Osepa, Aisha Madu, Emma Branderhorst, Vincent Tilanus and Daniël Kolf.

Badlands in an ongoing programme compiled by guest curators Lemuël de Graav, Xiang Yu Yeung and Eye programmer Ronald Simons and moderated by Noa Johannes (NTR/NPO3) and Marian Cousijn (art historian, curator).

Check here the full programme

Ooit eens daarna / Once upon a time after

WdKA/PZI Master Design 

Alumni presenteren hun design research / Alumni present their design research 

De lezingen zijn in het Nederlands / the lectures will be in Dutch. 

Binnen de Master Design doen ontwerpers design research naar actuele en relevante kwesties. Auteurschap en participatie gaan daarbij hand in hand, om tot ontworpen oplossingen te komen. 

Ontdek hoe alumni van de afgelopen anderhalf jaar dat deden en welke follow-up ze aan hun afstuderen gaven tijdens een Thursday Night Live mini-conferentie met: 

Joost van Wijmen die encounters rondom het lichaam ontwierp 

Britt Hoogenboom die verbindende gesprekken over nieuwsbeelden initieerde 

Maike Klip die ambtenaren een weg terug naar empathisch werken bood 

Isabel Quiroga die onze relatie met objecten herstelt 


Nanna van Heest die een wonderkamer voor subjectieve kleurverhalen deelt. 

Karlijn Souren neemt de moderatie voor haar rekening. 

Tijd: Donderdag 16 september, 17.00-21.15 uur 
Locatie: Auditorium Het Nieuwe Instituut – Thursday Night Live! 
Opname: Later beschikbaar via Het Nieuwe Instituut 

Meer informatie over de alumni vind je op de 
Wie | Who op  

Aanmelden via  

Within the Master Design, designers conduct design research into current and relevant issues. Authorship and participation go hand in hand, in order to arrive at designed solutions. Find out how alumni of the past year and a half did that and what follow-up they gave to their graduation during a Thursday Night Live mini-conference with:  

Joost van Wijmen who designed encounters around the body 

Britt Hoogenboom who initiated connecting conversations about news images 

Maike Klip who offered civil servants a way back to empathetic work 

Isabel Quiroga who restores our relationship with objects  


Nanna van Heest who shares a wonderful chamber for subjective color stories. 

Karlijn Souren will moderate the sessions.  

Time: Thursday 16 September, 17.00-21.15 hrs  
Location: Auditorium Het Nieuwe Instituut  
Recording: Later available via Het Nieuwe Instituut – Thursday Night Live! 
More information on the alumni can be found in the 
Who | Who of 

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