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The PIET ZWART INSTITUTE MASTER MEDIA DESIGN & COMMUNICATION is a research orientated master programme, with a strong emphasis on the connection between practice and theory. The course focus on practice-led research through project-based work will equip you to create a distinctive voice as an artist/designer in the contemporary media landscape. This academic year we are establishing two new specialist study paths to allow students to intensively engage with a particular aspect of the contemporary media landscape.

Please indicate in your motivation letter which study path you seek to study within.

The Lens-Based Media study route focuses on approaching animation, photography, and the full range of contemporary cinematic forms as a single expanded field.

We provide a learning environment that recognises the convergence of previously distinct analogue imaging media into a single digital workflow. We support new forms of analysis and creative practice that treat images as plastic, open to recombination, manipulation and shaping.

We seek students interested in exploring the ways that the images they create might use these new potentials in exciting, beautiful and innovative ways to engage contemporary audiences.

From app stores to art book fairs and zine shops, from darknets to sneakernets, from fansubs to on-demand services, and from tweeting to whistleblowing, the act of making things public, that is to say publishing, has became pivotal in an age infused with myriad media technologies.

The tension between the publishing heritage and novel forms of producing and sharing information has shown that old dichotomies such as analog versus digital, or local versus global, have grown increasingly irrelevant given their bond with hybrid media practices based on both old and new technologies, and their existence within mixed human and machine networks. We seek students motivated to challenge the protocols of publishing (in all its (im)possible forms) using play, fiction, and ambiguity as methods and strategies of production and presentation, in order to experiment on the threshold of what is possible, desirable, allowed, or disruptive, in this ever expanding field.

Application deadline

The Piet Zwart Institute’s admissions committees review applications, interview, and accept candidates on a rolling basis from December 2017 to May 2018, until all positions in the cohorts are filled.

If you would like to apply for Master Media Design & Communication course of the Piet Zwart Institute, please follow the link to our online application tool. Via this tool you can register, start your application, save it and finalise at any given moment before the application deadline.

We strongly encourage you to apply early due to the quantity of applications the Piet Zwart Institute Master programs receive, Dutch IND regulations regarding immigration, and international opportunities to apply for study funding.

February 1, 2018: First review of completed applications for non-EU and EU applicants.

March 1, 2018: Final review deadline for completed applications for non-EU applicants.
Second review for completed applications for EU applicants.
In order to meet deadlines for staying permits and enrollment requirements, non-EU applicants must submit their materials before this date.

May 15, 2018: Final review deadline for completed applications for EU applicants.

Once a committee has reviewed your completed application, you may be contacted for an interview. Due to the high number of applications unfortunately we were not able to answer all applicants before June 1 as predicted. We expect to answer all the applicants as soon as possible and no later than next week. 


VISA requirements (for non-EU students)
All visa requirements must be met before August 1, 2018. You must be a registered resident within the Netherlands and have paid your tuition by this date.

Start of the academic year
The academic year 2018/19 will start on September 1 2018.

Please read the application requirements carefully. Pay close attention to information regarding tuition fees and details for international students, should this apply to you.

For questions about the application procedure, please contact the Willem de Kooning helpdesk via:
E-mail: wdka.admission@hr.nl
Telephone +31 (0)10 794 4631 (Monday – Friday)