“Web designer of the future might be a content producer.”
Reecently, Florian Cramer was interviewed by Profielen, the information magazine of Rotterdam University. Since January 2009 Cramer is working as  lector ‘Communication in a Digital Age' at WdKA's Piet Zwart Institute. Since a number of years, Cramer is serving as course director of WdKA's MA Media Design.

As a lector he is starting up an international research programme. It will not only serve MA students, but BA students from the various disciplines at WdKA as well. One of the central issues in future research is the blurring of boundaries between mass media and personal communication, and of the convergence between the ‘new' and the ‘old' media. This May, Cramer's lectorate will organize a symposium on ‘pixel & print'.

The text of the Profielen interview may be found here (Dutch only!).