Brian Peters of DesignLabWorkshop will present several projects – ranging from small products to large architectural installations – that explore ideas around materials, craft, digital fabrication and user interaction. DesignLabWorkshop is an award-winning interdisciplinary studio that focuses on the intersection between art, architecture and product design.

Brian Peters founded DesignLabWorkshop in 2008 to explore how art, architecture and product design can influence one another. With a passion for design, research and fabrication, he is always in search of new ideas and his work has been exhibited in numerous museums and exhibitions, including the 2010 Architecture Biennial in Beijing and the Design Hub Museum in Barcelona. Outside of the studio, Brian has taught design and fabrication at the Institute of Advanced Architecture in Catalonia (IAAC) in Barcelona, Spain, worked as project architect in Chicago, and is currently collaborating with DUS Architects in Amsterdam. He is also teaching this semester's design studio course for the Piet Zwart Institute's Master of Interior Architecture and Retail Design.

Tuesday January 24 2012
Time: 18:30 hrs
Location: Wijnhaven 61, Rotterdam
(this is the back entrance of the Willem de Kooning Academy building)
Admission: free
The lecture is open for public and will take place in studio W.1.145