Willem de Kooning Academy and her Piet Zwart Institute are proud to announce that Simon Pummell's film 'Shock Head Soul' will have its Dutch premiere on Monday January 30. Pummell's movie – a mix of documentary and fiction – is part of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, which takes place from January 25 until February 5.

Simon Pummell is a British film director and head of our master in Media Design and Communication: Lens-Based. He's internationally known for his project 'Bodysong', for which he won an Interactive BAFTA Award in 2004.

As part of his transmedia project, TENT will also present the installation 'The Sputnik Effect'. In this media installation, visitors wearing 3D glasses are increasingly drawn into the world of Daniel Paul Schreber, a patient of Freud who became world-famous for his autobiography on insanity and schizophrenia in 1903.

Pummell is not the only member of the Piet Zwart Institute family who will appear at the IFFR. Among others, Fine Art alumni Katarina Zdjelar and Anna Okrasko will respectively show their films 'Rise Again' and 'Sobota'.

images: stills from 'Shock Head Soul'