The Willem de Kooning Academy and Piet Zwart Institute are proud to announce that their former bachelor students Stefan Rijsmus & Tayfun Sarier (Advertising), Fernando van der Vlist (Graphic Design), Amanda Nedermeijer (Animation), Alex Starr (Graphic Design), and their former master students Tomas Navarro (Media Design and Communication), Laurier Rochon (Media Design and Communication), Lieven van Speybroeck (Media Design and Communication), Laura Macchini (Media Design and Communication) are on the HOT100 list of 'most talented art, media and technology students'.

On September 17, Virtueel Platform ('Virtual Platform') will host the sixth HOT100 event during the PICNIC 2012 Festival in the film institute EYE in Amsterdam. The HOT100 is a list of the most talented and promising alumni of Dutch academies and universities that offer courses in media, art and digital culture.

Besides our own academy students, we would like to congratulate their fellow students of the Institute for Communication, Media and Information Technology (CMI).

Sources: Pinterest Virtueel Platform and website Virtueel Platform