Congratulations to MIARD students Claudia Cañizares, Thomas Galvan, Livia Stacchini.

These designers are invited by Kenniscentrum Creating 010, Hogeschool Rotterdam to publicly present and exhibit their speculative projects of future spaces of consumption as part of Hogeschool Rotterdam’s externally funded research project ‘Retail Innovation Rotterdam’. Creating 010 is a transdisciplinary design-inclusive Research Center enabling citizens, students and creative industry making the future of Rotterdam.

The designs by Claudia, Thomas and Livia include: a vision for using recycled plastic as a currency in a city, a shopping center for robots and humans, and a fast-food restaurant serving insect kebab from its in-house insect farm.

Each student will obtain a substantial production budget and be an official part of the final research outcome presentation of Retail Innovation Rotterdam in 2018.