Date: Tuesday November 28 2017, 19.00
Location: deSingel International Arts Campus, Antwerp
Admission: free, but registration is requested:


Work shown in this exhibition stands in dialogue with the nature of drawing as presented in the exhibition ‘Drawing Ambience, Alvin Boyarsky and the Architectural Association.’ Students from the Piet Zwart Institute, Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design program reconsider drawing as a form of spatial inquiry across time, context, and technique.

Each drawing looks to explore a space that denotes tension between visible and invisible, interior and landscape, reality and fiction. Designers have been searching for various unorthodox representations of (interior)space. Drawings behave like instruments with which to depict ambient attributes.

Claudia Cañizares, Marta Latorre Rubio, Theodora Kalamatianou, Francesco Mottola, Livia Stacchini, Szu-Yi Wang

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Caption for image: an excerpt from Francesco Mottola,
Outside of the grid, Print on paper, 170 cm x 110 cm