Thursday 05 July, 2018
19:00 Doors open
19:30 Start
23:30 Drinks and Feels

Boomgaardsstraat 69, 3012 XA Rotterdam
Free admission

Experience: Is it possible to archive the experience of social dance and what does it mean to interactively take control of two swing dancers?

Express: What questions and expressions are posed by improvisation upon the production of artistic work in terms of its material value and traditional attributions of mastery?

Expand: Are there alternative ways of living and organizing activities in communities, that can expand our ideas on collective values?

Extract: How can an independent, self-hosted repository of digital documents about the Catalan referendum of October 1, 2017, be used to extract significance from social media noise?

Expose: What does the medium of a lexicon with neologisms and terms used by two prominent far-right online subcultures expose about the Alt-Right and the Manosphere?

Exchange: How does one exchange a conversation in a social setting?

Would a drink help?

Works and research from Karina Dukalska (Back it up), Max Franklin (Anomolous Faces), Giulia de Giovanelli (Unlearning the Rules of Collectivity), Franc González (Referedum Medialogs), Pleun Gremmen (Alt Reality Lexicon) and Nadine Rotem-Stibbe (Unpublishing House). Presented in UBIK and Slash Gallery with an exclusive presentation from first year students and extraordinary guest appearances…

XPUB is a two year PZI Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design that focuses on the intents, means, and consequences of making things public in the age of post-digital networks.



Ex, XPUB, is part of the Piet Zwart Institute Master Media Design Graduation festival, other work by students can be seen during the WDKA Graduation Show 2018, opening Wednesday 04 July
also Friday 06 and Sunday 08 July are LENS-BASED AT KINO screenings.
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