a site-specific exhibition

Do we honor the physicality offered by the architectural space holding us, or instead become absorbed in exposing its gaps, slits or holes?

We, 1st-year students at MIARD of the Piet Zwart Institute, were tasked with reading the space of Roodkapje, a multidisciplinary platform in Rotterdam, through the development of a type of “architectural code.” Our process unfolded into teasing out various kinds of loopholes in an effort to forge a new connection with the given spatial conditions.

A handful of the works deal with looking outside of the space towards some unknown or unaccounted-for feeling, connecting the present to other landscapes, realities, and timelines. These act as various escapes; to a soft sunset view, a structurally impossible space, portals or thresholds. In this sense, Loophole rejects confinement by the interior, acknowledging the current technological trajectory across fluid spatial realities.

Other works call attention to the structure of looping processes: simulating, replicating or exaggerating the relations we hold with quotidian technology – feeding a loop or disrupting one. Animistic chairs that carry their own conversations, physical versions of digital interfaces that delay the expected and exposes – highlighting our digital addiction within once private enclaves.

Are we in the space or looking at spaces? By seeking out these loopholes within the accepted codes of the average space, we expand and rethink upon these systems. Climbing out on the other side…maybe we end up back where we started.

Mirela Atanassova, Jitivi Banthaisong, Saskia de Fabritiis, Ingmar König, Young Ji Lee, Philippa Lorenzen, Ceci Sariol, Yiyang Liu, Julia Lowinska, Hedvig Maria Koertz Mikkelsen, Ricardo Nemeye Van Wijk, Vera Schneider, Mateusz Tkaczeń, Mao Zhang

Tutors: Andrea Bagnato, Daphne Heemskerk, Olivier Otten, Selina Parr, Lara Tolman, Füsun Türetken
Planning: Ingmar König
Text: Hedvig Maria Koertz, Ceci Sariol
Social Media: Julia Lowinska
Booklet: Philippa Lorenzen, Vera Schneider, Saskia de Fabritiis
Visual Identity: Ricardo Nemeye Van Wijk
Course Director: Alex Augusto Suárez
Course Coordinator: Zoraïma Hupkes