Congratulations to Lens-Based Media student Sam Koopman who received an EYE ResearchLabs award for Most Urgent Work with his short film Dear Moritz. The hybrid form short film invites us to observe and reflect at a chance encounter between humans in public space. An unplanned story exploring power, privilege, colonial pasts and present realities. Screened on 15 April 2023 at Amsterdam’s EYE Film Museum as part of the EYE Research Labs Lens-Based Media program (A) Questionnaire.

Congratulations also to each and every participating student who contributed a short film to Piet Zwart Institute’s strong and eclectic program: Luni Jančoraitė, Claudio Tolo, Nosh Neneh, Nina Rojc, Clara Franke, Sara Fattahi, Arabella Turner, Panida Petchara, Yalou Groeneweg, Ieva Grabauskaite, Muyang Teng, Aitana Lopez and Lou Zautsen!