Date: 7 December
Location: Wunderbar & Pirate Bay WORM, Rotterdam
Open doors: 18:00
Duration: 19:00–22:00
More information:

  • – — Radio makers, listeners and electromagnetic wave enthusiasts, do you copy? — – –
    In the middle of an on-going apocalypse what should be preserved, and what forgotten?

Join us IRL on 7 December in the efforts of scavenging and resurrecting a sonic archive.
It is only a question of time until all will be lost. Lend an ear as we collectively explore,
activate and transmit the archive of Worm community Radio. We must listen closely, we must
decide what remains and how we can rebuild upon a fractured past. BYOR (Bring your own Radio)

Become absorbed by a re-imagined reality through an archival deep-dive!
Prepare (with us) for the event – – — and tune in to Radio WORM
on 5 December at 10.00 for further instructions — – –