As an arts school, WdKA has an international appeal. This results in increasing numers of foreign students that consider to come over to study here.

WdKA has long been a favourite among students of partner schools in WdKA’s extended international network that want to participate in an exchange programme – studying here for a couple of months. Nowadays, ever more students from abroad choose to take a full 4-year Bachelor course here. And of course, quite many participants of our Master courses come from abroad.

WdKA welcomes all of you. Its International Affairs Office (mr. Ad Borstlap & mrs. Cora Santjer) tries to help you in settling down here. In order to better serve potential international students and other people interested, it recently set up a special ‘exchange blog’. It contains information that may provide answers to frequently asked questions – on studying here, on WdKA’s admission procedures, on Rotterdam as an attractive place to study, and about The Netherlands and its culture.

The exchange blog also links to related relevant website by third parties.The exchange blog is to be found here.