Lecture by Mecanoo Architects – Nuno Fontarra
Title: “Asian Experience: Exploring New Opportunities”

Date: November 13 2013, 18:00 hrs.
Location: Piet Zwart Institute
Address: Wijnhaven 61, Rotterdam [studio W1.145]

Admission is free

Working in Asian offers European architects and designers a brand new spectrum of challenges but also major new opportunities that if well used can produce rewarding results. The National performing center in Kaohsiung takes advantage of the opportunities given by the context and scale of the assignment in order to challenge the traditional definition of interior/exterior and blurs the boundaries that detach architecture and nature.

Nuno Fontarra, Associate Architect Mecanoo. After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto he join Mecanoo in 2002 where since 2004 he has been responsible of some of Mecanoo’s most unique international projects.

At Mecanoo, Nuno Fontarra has played a crucial role as an lead architect of numerous award-winning cultural projects and competition entries including La Llotja de Lleida Theatre an, Congress Centre in Spain (opened in 2010) Palace of Justice in Córdoba, Spain (2006-2011),  Wei-Wu-Ying Centre for the Arts in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (under construction, opens in 2015), and Shenzhen Museum Complex in China (2011-2014).

Nuno has also been lecturing and teaching in diverse institutions both in the Netherlands and abroad.