Date: Wednesday December 4 2013, 20:00 hrs.
Location: WORM
Address: Boomgaardsstraat 7, Rotterdam

Tickets can be ordered via this link.

An Evening with Beatrice Gibson 

This coming Wednesday, the Piet Zwart Institute Master of Fine Art program presents an evening with British artist Beatrice Gibson in collaboration with KinoKino at WORM, exploring her treatment of the medium of film as both a musical proposition and a proposal for collective production.

The program combines Beatrice Gibson's two IFFR Tiger Award for Short winning films – A Necessary Music [UK, 2008, 28 min] and The Tiger's Mind [UK, 2012, 23 min] with sound pieces from opera-for-television pioneer Robert Ashley – whose works are acknowledged classics of language in a musical setting, and free improvising radicals AMM – boldly taking music apart and putting it together again since the 1960s.

The link between these particular sound artists and Beatrice Gibson's films is quite explicit and she speaks of treating the medium of film as both a musical proposition and a proposal for collective production.

“My films explore musical modes of production and their relationship to film. I have approached the subjects of my films, that is, the people and places that populate them, primarily through language, by listening to places rather than looking at them. It's been the sound of a place rather than the look of it that's propelled the work. In this way I guess my work has perhaps borrowed more from experiments initiated by composers than it has from filmmakers. So I've been listening to places. I've been using notation, or paradigms if you like from experimental musical notation, in order to do that. And I've been thinking about notation as documentation. About the notating of people and of places.”

Beatrice Gibson is an artist and filmmaker based in London. Recent solo exhibitions include CAC Bretigny, Index Contemporary Art Centre, Stockholm, The Showroom, London, Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart, and The Serpentine Gallery (Sackler Center) Gibson's films have screened at numerous experimental film venues and at film festivals nationally and internationally including Light Industry, Anthology Film Archives NY, LA Film Forum, Rotterdam Film Festival, London Film Festival, Images Festival, Migrating Forms, Courtisane, Oberhausen and more. She has been twice winner of the Rotterdam Film Festival Tiger Award for short film in both 2009 and 2013. Her work is currently included in Tate Britain's Assembly: A survey of recent artist film and video, 2008-2013 

Piet Zwart Institute, Master of Fine Art


Beatrice Gibson – A Necessary Music

Pierre Bal-Blanc introduces – The Tiger's Mind


Robert Ashley