Opening Talks: Thursday June 26, 18:00 hrs.
Opening Reception: Thursday June 26, 19:30 hrs.

Exhibition Dates: June 27 – July 6 2014
Location: Post–Office | Vijverhofstraat 100, Rotterdam
Admission: free

The Piet Zwart Institute is pleased to announce this year’s graduation exhibition, FABRICATION OF ATMOSPHERE, presenting projects by international designers from the Master of Interior Architecture & Retail Design [MIARD] programme.

MIARD’s graduation show focuses on the FABRICATION OF ATMOSPHERE. The works presented examine the potential of the spatial character of atmosphere and refer to the fabrication of atmosphere through components of the interior. How can we inquire and reveal the conditions and interferences of atmosphere? And how can we, according to Silvia Benedeto “understand interior space through an atmospheric lens” [1]? If we consider atmosphere a strategic tool to re-structure spatial thinking and formulations through its immaterial features and transient qualities, [2] what then, are the possibilities and limits of fabricating atmospheres in regard to interior architecture?

[1] On Atmospheres and Design, GSD Spring 2013, Syllabus by Silvia Benedeto
[2] Occupying Atmosphere, Dr. Jan Smitheram and Simon Twose, Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand.

Bo Baalman, Joanne Choueiri, Giulia Cosenza, Maddalena Gioglio, Ilias Markolefas, Nathalia Martinez Saavedra, Kine Solberg and Eglė Tuleikytė

Date: Thursday June 26, 18:00 hrs.

Joshua G. Stein – Radical Craft

Klaske Havik & Gus Tielens -OASE editors, edition #91, Building Atmosphere


Opening Reception (right after the talks):
Thursday June 26: 19:30 hrs.

Website (visit our exhibition website to see all the projects – live soon)

Graduation Project Advisors: Max Bruinsma, Mauro Parravicini, Alex Suarez, Füsun Türetken, Aynav Ziv
Guest Design Critics: Marta Male-Alemany, Mario Minela, Edwin Larkens, Thomas Vailly
External Examiner: Joshua G. Stein
Editor: Füsun Türetken
Project Coordinator: Vanessa Tuitel
Graphic & Web Design: Daphne Heemskerk, Oliver Otten
Post-Office: Hans Larsson, Albert Takashi Richters and Panos Sakkas.

General opening hours
13:00 – 19:00 hrs.

Vijferhofstraat 100
Rotterdam, the Netherlands–

For more information, please contact: Alex Suarez, Course director, or Vanessa Tuitel, Course Coordinator, or Carmen de Groot, External Affairs (Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University) t: +31 (0)10-794 4790, email: