An exhibition of new work by Tracy Hanna
15 November 2014 – 17 January 2015


TracyHanna works primarily with video projection to create sculptural objects and environments. Often, the artist presents video footage that captures thetextural and tactile qualities of objects and materials, thus bringing apronounced facet of their physicality into the exhibition space in order toutilise digital video as sculptural material.

Videofootage is combined with found and hand-made objects. This encourages anon-standard viewing of video and a more physical and involved experience ofthe artwork by the viewer, releasing video from its hereditary cinematic ortelevisual formats and entering it further into the ontological space of theviewer. This exhibition negotiates a shift in the artist’s practice; adialectic concern within each artwork relating to materiality andrepresentation is emerging and present in this work.

Though consisting substantially of projected imagery, this exhibition is presented forthe most part in a light-filled gallery space, something the artist has neverattempted before. This decision brings focus to the physical structures thatsurround the projected images, creating an equal balance of power betweensculptural assemblage and the video image that it is integrated with.

There is a focus on material concerns in order to investigate the potential to breakdownthe substance of digital video so as to open the possibilities of working withit in a physical and tactile way. This reflexive acknowledgement of thematerial at hand enables these videos to become pockets of manipulated spacerather than filmic entry points.

Tracy Hanna is a visual artist born in Dublin and based in Rotterdam. Over the past numberof years she has assembled a body of work that has been shown in solo and groupexhibitions in Ireland and the UK.

She has presented work at the RoyalHibernian Academy, Dublin (2013) as part of ‘Futures 13’; the Northern Galleryof Contemporary Art, Sunderland (2013); PM Gallery and House, London (2013);Kilkenny Arts Festival (2012); Leitrim Sculpture Centre (2012); The DouglasHyde Gallery, Dublin (2010). In November 2013 she presented a temporary publicartwork commissioned by Dublin City Council and Difference Exchange (UK) in thetwelfth century St. Mary’s Abbey in Dublin’s city centre. In 2013/14 her workis part of a touring exhibition in the UK entitled ‘Walk On: 40 Years of ArtWalking’.

Exhibition Opening/ Artist’s Talk: Saturday 15 November at 2.00pm

Venue: Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda, Ireland

Dates: 15 November 2014 – 17 January, 2015

Open: 6 days a week, Monday- Saturday 10.30am-5.00pm, closed Sunday

Admission: Free, donations of €2 encouraged