Pracownia Portretu presents Real Snow, an exhibition by Perri MacKenzie and Kevin Gallagher, comprised of paintings and sculpture. Exhibition opens 12th December 2014

The artists chose a short story written by Perri as their point of departure. This science fiction now circulates in the email invitation to this exhibition, finding its way from inbox to inbox – have you checked yours? In the text, the painter-tagonist K is commissioned by a mysterious publishing house to write a novel (“but I make paintings,” she says). When K receives emails that communicate nothing but their addressees, she begins to suspect non-human hands at work. As genre boundaries continue to be wilfully ignored, K finds herself caught in a dragon of a puzzle.

Through found, made, written, and painted objects, the exhibition Real Snow constructs forms for living within and outside of intelligent things. Real Snow: jumbled into letters, piled into shapes, formed into a ball. Melting.
Real Snow
Location: Pracownia Portretu, Przędzalniana 55, Łódź, Poland