Jonas Lund received a €25.000 grant from the Stimulation Fund for Creative Industries in the category Talent Development to further develop his current research.

Lund graduated from the Master Media Design & Communication department with a specialization in Networked Media at the Piet Zwart Institute in 2013. In his work, Lund studies the art world, and tries to find a quantitative answer to questions such as what a good work of art is and how the art market works. By assembling information from a number of websites that focus on art, Lund has compiled a database that a Big Data approach can analyze. Lund plans to use the grant to update and further analyze the database by immersing himself in graph databases and neural networks. Taking the art world as a case study, Lund wants to show the dangers and opportunities of Big Data. In order to render the results visible and presentable Lund will collaborate with researcher and curator Annet Dekker and curator Gerben Willers.