This academic year the Master Media Design & Communications programme are establishing two new specialist study paths to allow students to intensively engage with a particular aspect of the contemporary media landscape.


The Lens-Based Media study route focuses on approaching animation, photography, and the full range of contemporary cinematic forms as a single expanded field.

We seek students who recognise that the future of lens-based images lies in the proliferation of new forms, working methods and delivery platforms: new forms of cinematic narrative, inter-active visual media, photographic and cinematic gallery installation, cross-media narrative, database film technologies, site-specific projection projects, and many more hybrid forms that loop together both digital and analogue techniques.


From app stores to art book fairs and zine shops, from darknets to sneakernets, from fansubs to on-demand services, and from tweeting to whistleblowing, the act of making things public, that is to say publishing, has became pivotal in an age infused with myriad media technologies.

We seek students motivated to challenge the protocols of publishing (in all its (im)possible forms) using play, fiction, and ambiguity as methods and strategies of production and presentation, in order to experiment on the threshold of what is possible, desirable, allowed, or disruptive, in this ever expanding field.

Application deadline
We are open for applications, starting from November 1st 2015.

First application deadline
February 1st 2016

Second application deadline
March 1st 2016

Third and final deadline 
For European students only: May 15 2016

Start of the academic year
The academic year 2016/17 will start on September 1 2016.

Credits image: Aad Hoogendoorn, 2015