Little history of the Camera

This talk looks into the history of the camera from the 1840’s onwards within the context of the rise of smartphone sales’ and consequent decrease in standalone camera sales, , thus revealing the ongoing process of technological obfuscation. This pattern of blackboxing what in reality is a simple mechanism, besides naturalizing cultural and social biases, stiffles evolution and prevents the reappropriation of this technology by a wider group of individuals.

Date: Tuesday 31 January, 2017
Time: 17:00
location: Het Atelier, Nieuwe Binnenweg 77, [old CBK building]
[other Punch Clock events, daily at 17:00]

Wed 1 Feb: Momo’s Typo’s
A crash course in automatic writing on vintage mechanical typewriters, based on a concept by Momo Bouchtaoui.

Thu 2 Feb: Serge Onnen – It’s Always Darkest Before it Becomes Totally Black/live version
The artist brings his installation to life with a talk and some animation and music by a Chinese artist from the Rotterdam area.

Fri 3 Feb & Sat 4 Feb: Teatro Dondolo – Nausea
A poetic-scientific performance, a live documentary about the sea visualised by means of shadows, projections and reflections.

free admission, Fri 27 to Tue 31 Jan, 18:00-20:00, Peter Kubelka presents: Bread, Butter and other Metaphors after the Punch a Clock