Midnight Sunburn, a 500 gram cake set alight on the eve of a new year, accumulating into bright shots that illuminate the night. Slowly increasing sparks until a thick meteoric shower establishes an overture. A moment of spectacle, that submerges as fast as it appears, nevertheless striving for a tingling after-image on your retina. A series of short events as celebration of what has been and is to come. These are the fireworks as translated to the Graduation Show of the 10 international artists graduating in 2019 from the Piet Zwart Master of Fine Art.

Artists: Teddy Coste, Jānis Dzirnieks, Jakob Forster, Josje Hattink, Lili Huston-Herterich, Honey Jones-Hughes, Merve Kılıçer , Matheline Marmy, Marco Rizzardi, Bobby Sayers.

Curator: Nathalie Hartjes

Where: Het Nieuwe Instituut, Museumpark 25, Rotterdam

When: Thursday 11 July, 11:00 – 22:00, Friday 12 July – Sunday 14 July, 11:00 – 17:00. More information about the full event program below.

Official Opening: Thursday 11 July, 19:00 – 22:00, including performances by Teddy Coste, Merve Kılıçer, Bobby Sayers.

Midnight Sunburn is a title that spontaneously suggests the ability to bring together polar opposites. An apparent contradiction that can actually occur if you find yourself at either far end of the world, the polar regions where the sun hangs low but constant, where the unusually clear atmosphere cannot prevent sunrays from piercing the skin. Hanging around in the arctic at midnight may still cause you sunburn.

Midnight Sunburn represents a strata of practices, liquid manifestations of time and things floating in between seasons, between the ephemeral and the concrete. Midnight Sunburn is characterized by presence, appearance and disappearance, movements and stillness. Midnight Sunburn is a contradiction, where fiction and non-fiction meet. — Midnight Sunburn is part of the Graduation Show 2019 of the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam. The exhibition takes place within the framework of Neuhaus, a temporary transdisciplinary academy for more-than-human knowledge.

The Piet Zwart Institute (PZI) houses the international Master programmes of the Willem de Kooning Academy at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Named after the pioneering Dutch designer Piet Zwart, who worked experimentally across media and contexts, the PZI offers a combination of in-depth specialisation and interdisciplinary exchange within an intimate learning environment. The PZI Master programs are dedicated to promoting study and research in art, design, and art education, and share an interest in the complex social, cultural and political contexts of their respective fields.





Midnight Sunburn – Event Schedule

10 July Exhibition open from 15:00 – 17: 00 hours for professional preview, no further programme

11 JULY Official Opening, 19:00 – 22:00 hours (exhibition is open from 11:00 onwards)

19:15 hours Welcome by Nathalie Hartjes & Vivian Sky Rehberg

19:30 Teddy Coste, ‘Eat it Before You Start Tripping!’ @ HNI Café (pond)

20:00 Opening Speech Jeroen Chabot 20:15 Merve Kılıçer, ‘Bodies in Volution & Volitional Act #1’ @2nd Floor 20:50 Bobby Sayers, ‘The Homeless Troubadour’ gather @2nd Floor

21: 30 Teddy Coste, ‘Meeting Robert’ @Neuhaus stage ground floor

Friday 12 July 13:00 Bobby Sayers, ‘The Homeless Troubadour’ gather @2nd Floor (13:15 @ Museumpark) Saturday 13 July

12:00 Merve Kiliçer, ‘Bodies in Volution & Volitional Act #1’ @2nd Floor 12:40 Teddy Coste, ‘Eat it Before You Start Tripping!’ @ HNI Café (pond)

13:00 Bobby Sayers, ‘The Homeless Troubadour’ gather @2nd Floor (13:30 @ Schouwburgplein)

14:30 Teddy Coste, ‘Meeting Robert’ @Neuhaus stage ground floor



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