We are happy to invite you to the opening of Maquette, a photography and moving image exhibition of Piet Zwart Institute & WdKA students.

Date: Opening on the 14.11.2019 

Time: Starts at 18:00 

Address: Weena 10, 3012 CM Rotterdam

Maquette is a photographic and moving image exhibition presenting the work of five artists-students from the Piet Zwart Institute and the Willem de Kooning Academy. The exhibition focuses on the dynamics that are emerging from the contiguity and porosity of singular representations of the world. With artworks varying in their format, processes, perspectives and narratives, differences and contrasts have been given a central position in the curation. We are pleased to present works by Julia Gat, Yael Laroes, Sonia Mangiapane, Felix Obermaier and Ugo Petronin.

Initiated and coordinated by the collective Leaving Space, the exhibition takes place in temporary space granted by Hilton Rotterdam, which was once the breakfast room of the hotel.