date: Thursday 06, February 2020

doors open: 18:00   |   start: 18:00   |   end: 22:00

location: Pension Almonde   |    Almondestraat 179   |    3032 CD Rotterdam

free entrance + within walking distance from Rotterdam Central Station

Not For Profit Art Party   |   Pension Almonde edition   |   free art experiment   |   1 street of former social housing   |   1 big expo   

The counter-place-to-meet during Art Rotterdam; be welcome at the Not For Profit Art Party: the off-stage stage where experiments and new forms of exhibiting are stimulated. This year, this multidisciplinary shared chaos is taking place at Pension Almonde. Wander through the corridors, meet residents and discover new performances, mixed archives, installations, workshops, video projections and works on, in and next to the walls.

Free entrance + within walking distance from Rotterdam Central Station!

The NFPAP is an independent body, where non-profit presentation institutions from the Netherlands work together to exchange artists, knowledge and informal networks. Including: SIGN,Nieuwe Vide, Expoplu, WORM, VHDG, Tetem,Extrapool,Printroom,Bcademie, and XPub-Piet Zwart Institute with

– two performances:

   * cTrL

   * Vo Ezn

– and a presentation of their publication/installation they did last trimester at DE PLAYER (

Pension Almonde is a project by Stad In De Maak in the former social housing units of Almondestraat. The street functions temporarily as a home for city nomads, social and cultural projects, up to the demolition.

the party continues:
Friday 07 & Saturday 08 February:  12:00 – 18:00
Sunday 09 February 9:  14:00 – 18:00

Featured Artists:
a.o. Masha Somik, Esmay Groot Koerkamp, Stephanie Nypels, Valentina Gal, Bernardo Zanotta, Simon Niks, Data Bosma, Floor Milou Smit, Iris van Wijk, Jacco Jansen, Rosh Abdel Fatah, Rolf Engelen, Roxette Capriles, Sabrina Basten, Nicole Martens, Czar Cristoff, Johann Kauth, Cengiz Menguc, Ruth van Beek, Philippa Driest, Anoushka Pessy, Christy Groen, Emma Kroos, Emmy Vollaard, Flores van de Marel, Kwinnie Le, Pris Roos, S.J. Oosterhuis, Sophia Boeschoten, Suzanne van Soest,…XPUB’s own and more!

And our wonderful hosts who have prepared unexpected experiences for you: Studio C.A.R.E., Woodstone Kugelblitz, KIOSK, Keju Kitchen, Slopera, Pension Almonde, Stad in de Maak – City in the Making.


Pssst. Don’t forget to check out the New Radicalism expo, workshops and talks, it’s just around the corner at MONO