Image credits: Anna Sandri, Damlanur Bilgin.

From the other side of the world, we were given data about a past dictatorship threatening to reinstate itself. A portion of an archive that exists to keep history truthful and educate the present, the recurrent time of political urgency and authoritarian repression. We were entrusted to secure it, manage it, and publish it anonymously. We cannot share the archive itself, but we can share our stories (experiences) and process (tools, methods) at this collectively assembled website: 

Special Issue #11
Post-Digital Itch 
Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design
Experimental Publishing, Piet Zwart Institute
January–April 2020

Archivists: Anna Sandri, Avital Barkai, Clara Noseda, Damlanur Bilgin, Ioana Tomici, Mika Motskobili, Mark van den Heuvel, Max Lehmann, Sandra Golubjevaite, Tisa Neža Herlec

Workshops: <Digital Activist>, Mayday Rooms (Rosemary Grennan, Jan Gerber), OSP (Stéphanie Vilayphiou, Pierre Huyghebaert)

Contributors: Jérémie Zimmermann, Monoskop (Dušan Barok), Warp and Weft of Memory (Cristina Cochior, Renée Turner)

Teachers: André Castro, <teacher>, Sami Hammana, Aymeric Mansoux, Michael Murtaugh, Leslie Robbins, Steve Rushton

In collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut, Stichting NAC, <Archival Institution>, and <Digital Advocacy Group>.

Looking forward, into the future. 

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