Date: November 25th, 2020
Time: 17.00hr / 5pm
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Meeting ID: 931 4678 6963
Passcode: 834371

The work of visual artist Yoeri Guépin emphasizes on research and often involves historical trajectories of knowledge production such as botany, archaeology, anthropology or the writing of history through objects. Central to the art- practice is working with collecting and the museum collection/archive as site of knowledge production and its historical vernacular to colonialism. Guépin’s projects often materialize in performative settings involving elements of film, text or objects, sometimes activated at a specific site. His latest project focusses on the late-colonial period and the role of the botanical garden in Bogor, Indonesia in the exploitation of its natural resources by the Dutch government. Guépin holds an MA from Dutch Art Institute (2013) and the works have been presented in various exhibitions and symposia such as Akademie Künste der Welt, Cologne (2018), TENT, Rotterdam (2019) and Times Museum, Guangzhou 2020. 

During the talk Guépin will combine both his gardening practice and his most recent project which focusses on botanical gardens, tropical agriculture and experimental plant sciences during the late colonial period in Indonesia.

Botanists at ’s Lands Plantentuin in Buitenzorg (Bogor) Indonesia with the first adult Oil Palm trees send from Hortus Amsterdam in 1848. (Image KITLV Leiden)