Graduation Presentation 2023, Master of Education in Arts

TENT Auditorium

Witte de Withstraat 50

Friday July 7, 3 – 8 pm

Saturday July 8, 1 pm – 6 pm


With: Ellis Bartholomeus, Femke Dekker, Eleonora Geortsiaki, Jesse Greulich, Hannah Goldstein, Louise Kleijweg, Felicitas Lenz, Jesse van Oosten, Leah Sands, Natalia Amelia Saied and Maaike van Papeveld

Immediate. Instantaneous. Precise. Punctual. Qualities connected to the word prompt, which points to a readiness and quickness to act as the occasion demands. When we are prompted to do something, our minds, hearts and bodies are simultaneously set in motion. For a fraction of a second, time is suspended: we are completely present for the action at hand.

By choosing ‘Prompts for the Time Being’ as the title of their collective presentation, the students of the 2023 Master of Education in Arts class voice their intention to co-host an inclusive spacefor open-ended, experiential learning. As you will see, hear and feel, these two days are all about trying things out, and letting the (unplanned) outcomes nurture a shared reflection. Whilst sharing specific readings, approaches and objectives across their practices, these creative educators each speak and act from a distinct position. We invite you to let their different worlds draw you in.

Sincerely, Sophie Krier (relational artist and MEiA guest curator)

More information on the graduation projects can be found on our archival website.