A Few Mornings, an Evening, by Astrid van Nimwegen at IFFR Bright Futures

IFFR 2024 Alumni Screenings
A Few Mornings, an Evening, poster.

The documentary ‘a Few Mornings, an Evening’ invites a meditative look at the daily routine on a small farm in the Czech countryside.

With great patience, the camera observes how domesticated animals and humans inhabit the place and draws attention to their coexistence.

Where at first sight all days seem the same, there appears to be a world of wonders hidden within the everyday. Chickens turn into individual characters, one goat insists to be milked in a different place than the others and then suddenly, with the arrival of a billy goat, the daily routine changes drastically.

Screening dates

Bright Futures Fri 26th 17.30h KINO1 with Q&A

Bright Futures: Sun 28th 11.45h LantarenVenster 5 with Q&A

Bright Futures: Tue 30th 11.45h Cinerama 5 




Astrid van Nimwegen [1985, NL] is a visual artist, filmmaker and traveler living in a self-converted truck house. With her dog, she explores the relation between the human and the non-human which she encounters in her close surroundings. Her work has been exhibited internationally at film festivals and exhibition spaces such as IFFR Rotterdam, NFF Utrecht, Gemeentemuseum  The Hague, Short Film Festival Oberhausen and New Mediafestival, Seoul.

(Re)membering the riots in Afrikaanderwijk in 1972 or guest, host, ghos-ti (2023) by Cihad Caner premiere at IFFR 2024 – RTM: Reconfigurations 

(Re)membering the riots in Afrikaanderwijk in 1972 or guest, host, ghos-ti, still.

The work revolves around a forgotten event: the 1972 riots directed against guest workers in Afrikaanderwijk, a neighbourhood of Rotterdam. It poses questions such as how we remember, the role of subjectivity in shaping our collective memory, and the transformative potential of re-enactment as a means of reawakening the past. Central to this research is a meticulous focus on memory, as it seeks to unravel the subjective nature of individual recollections, recognising that memory is not a fixed entity but rather a fluid and subjective phenomenon. The aim of the work is to highlight contrasting shades and nuances that exist among various individual remembrances of the Afrikaanderwijk riots, allowing for a diverse range of perspectives to be acknowledged and woven together. Reenactments feature as pivotal elements within the project, which not only allows for the recreation and revisitation of the past, but the process of reenactment itself operates as a potent tool for reclaiming forgotten narratives.

Screening dates

RTM: Reconfigurations  26 Jan 2024       13:30       LantarenVenster 3       Public

RTM: Reconfigurations  26 Jan 2024       18:15       LantarenVenster 5       Public

RTM: Reconfigurations  2 Feb 2024             09:30       Cinerama 1                      Public



Cihad Caner (b.1990) is an artist based in Rotterdam. His practice explores the politics of the image through the mediums of video, photography, music, motion-capture, and CGI. Cihad’s research-driven practice revolves around (re)presentation, language, marginalisation and alterity. His fictional CGI characters are often multi-lingual protagonists in non-linear, metaphorical narratives that employ humour, absurdity, and poetry to critique the status quo. Recently he has exhibited at Akademie der Künste, The Finnish Museum of Photography, Hong Kong Arts Center, TENT, Kasseler Kunstverein, Blitz Malta, and EYE Film Museum. Caner was a resident artist at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten(2021-2023) in Amsterdam.