Piet Zwart Institute is awarded multiple prizes at Eye’s annual presentations for film and visual arts.

Eye on Art’s Research Labs 2024 provided scope for a new generation of curators and artists to hone their skills. Students from different art academies and universities were asked to put together a programme featuring their own work and films (including remixes) from Eye Filmmuseum collection. Research Labs defy rigid structures, often fostering a dynamic cultural exchange between film and other art mediums.

A group of students from the academies, the Cherry Pickers, awarded the Best Programme, the Most Urgent Work, the Most Surprising Work with a Cherry, as well as the Wild Cherry award.

We are incredibly proud to announce that the Piet Zwart Institute Lens-Based Media participants have won two of the main prizes: Jingfeng Shen was awarded the Wild Cherry and Tessa Langeveld the award for the Most Surprising work.

Jingfeng Shen – Copper Dream (2024): Wild Cherry Winner

Jingfeng Shen, Copper Dream

“In this short film, I want to blend fragments of my father’s childhood intersecting with our country’s contemporary history, and my personal situation in a new country. Through an approximation of a letter, different little corners across time and space are revealed as overlapping gestures from a private emotional connection.”

Tessa Langeveld – A Nightpiece For Those Who Feel Or Felt Like They Were Falling (2024): Most Surprising Work Winner

Tessa Langeveld, A Nightpiece For Those Who Feel Or Felt Like They Were Falling

“In this animated short, three iterations of the fall of an undefined object (that might resemble a cloth, or a piece of paper) unfold to an increasingly slowed version of Chopin’s 15th Nocturne.”

You can read more about Research Labs 2024 here.