Lens-Based Media welcomes you at WORM Cinema April 3, 2024 at 17:00.

We have been roaming together the landscapes of the city: its waters, our bodies, the spaces between its architectures, the pace of its streets, its future projects, its noises and its stories. Engaging with emotional and geographical landscapes we depicted their complexities in short movies of approximately three minutes.

But… What is the landscape and how should we look at it?

We came to understand that the word is flexible, as it does not introduce all that it hosts, nor its guests or its owners. For it to be traced and told, we need a proper gaze, if not seventeen.

Participating artists:

Giorgios Achilleos

Tesse Baardman

Nihal Goel

Toto Kersten

Aratrika Keshan

Tessa Langeveld

Zhuang Leng

Yana Lineva

Luca Neumann

Tom Parolin

Noura Rabbani

Bojan Salaj

Riccardo Santalucia

Jingfeng Shen

Chanwoo Song

Rodolfo Ferro

Dominique Westphal

Tickets to the screening available via WORM website here.