Master of Education in Arts – Gathering: Programme announcement

Dear MEiA students and alumni,

We are happy to share with you the programme that we composed for our first MEiA gathering in the garden on Friday April 5 at ‘Volkstuinvereninging Streven naar Verbetering’ in Rotterdam West. During the day, several alumni will open up their current practices and research through workshops, activities and conversations, while we will collectively explore the meanings, needs and desires for an alumni learning community to blossom.

Game designer and educator Ellis Bartholomeus facilitates a walk that involves a game around the theme of assessment; designer and organic colorist Lotte Gulpers is activating her research ‘On Composting Ideas. Observational Methodologies for a More-than-human Perspective’; in her interactive workshop ‘The Garden that Sees, Smells and Hears’, researcher and designer Annemarie Piscaer will present to us her research outcomes by an invitation to explore the natural surroundings with a digital microscope; and artist Caro Kroon & educator Elvira Vroomen host ‘Pink Spoon’, an artistic food experiment that will tantalize all the senses. Artist and curator Clare Breen will talk about the socially engaged practice learning programme that she runs at the regional arts centre VISUAL in Carlow in Ireland; sound practitioner and educator Femke Dekker introduces ‘Listening: A Research Method in Art and Design’, that proposes a new department at the KABK centering sounding and listening as core materials, methods and modes of engagement in the education of a creative practitioner; and artistic researcher Emily Huurdeman will share about the Professional Doctorate Programme.

Potluck lunch
By MEiA tradition, we propose a potluck lunch for all to share. We will provide a few veggie dishes for all, and you are invited to bring anything of your liking in addition, from the supermarket or from your oven.

10:00               arrival with coffee & tea
10:15               introduction & group activity: weaving connections
11:00               activities in the garden with Ellis Bartholomeus, Lotte Gulpers, Annemarie Piscaer, and Elvira Vroomen & Caro Kroon
13:00               potluck lunch
14:00               a moment for sharing practices – short informal presentations with Clare Breen, Femke Dekker and Emily Huurdeman
15:00               group workshop: what does it mean to be a learning community?
15:30               drinks & snacks
16:00               cleaning up the space together

If you are interested in joining our Alumni gathering, please RSVP here.
For any questions, please contact