Piet Zwart Institute Alumni Interviews and Panel Discussion

>>> Wednesday 26th June 2024 

>>> Location: IRL WORM CS, for streaming access email: roblj(AT)hr.nl

>>> 19:00–23:00 

Students of Lens Based Media (LB) and Experimental Publishing (XPUB)along with Niek Hilkmann are hosting thethird edition of Alumni Illuminata. Current students willinterview alumni of the Piet Zwart Institute.

Current Masters students will speak with practitioners whose work illuminates their own. They will explore together the affinities and resonances in what they do and how they navigate being artists, filmmakers, writers, designers, performers, educators, and chefs. A round table discussion hosted by Steve Rushton will pave the way for an afterparty with drinks provided by the Blob Shop’s Bubble Punch.


Angeliki Diakrousi

Astrid van Nimwegen

Colm O’Neill

Dorothy Cheung 

Jelle Havermans

Jonas Lund

Louisa Teichmann

Nancy Mauro-Flude

Vincenzo Onnembo


Ada Varriale

Aglaia Petta

Jingfeng Shen

Riviera Taylor

Rodolfo Ferro

Stephen Kerr

Yana Lineva