ALT- RIGHT venue change, 
NEW LOCATION: Wijnhaven 61, 3011 WJ Rotterdam 
in the Collegezaal, just off the entrance hall – door opens 18:45
[free parking on het Noordereiland – a 15 minute walk over the Willemsburg]

In only two years, the “alt-right” rose from an Internet subculture to the force that lead Donald Trump’s campaign team and which now includes his presidential chief strategist. Its origins lie in popular visual culture, including image memes and a backlash against feminist computer game critique. Through irony and ambiguity, alt-right visuals and slang leave the movement’s relation to fascism and antisemitism deliberately open.

This lecture will delve deep into alt-right subculture, languages and networks, its relation to such Internet cultural phenomena as the Anonymous movement and its indebtedness to European political and cultural theorists.

Speaker: Florian Cramer, reader in 21st century visual culture at research center Creating 010, Hogeschool Rotterdam / Willem de Kooning Academy & Piet Zwart Institute
Organized by: Piet Zwart Institute & Creating 010