Applications 2024 – 2025

The Piet Zwart Institute’s admissions committees review applications, interview, and accept candidates on a rolling basis from December 2023 to May 2024, until all positions in the cohorts are filled.

Due to the quantity of applications the Piet Zwart Institute Master programs receive, regulations regarding immigration, and international opportunities to apply for study funding, we strongly encourage you to apply early.
Once a committee has reviewed your completed application, you may be contacted for an interview.
NON EU applicants: Please pay close attention to information regarding tuition fees and details for international students, should this apply to you.


March 4, 2024: Priority deadline for completed applications of Dutch, EU applicants.
Final deadline non-EU applicants.
(* This deadline doesn’t apply to the Master Design, for more information check here)

May 8, 2024: Final deadline for completed applications of Dutch and EU applicants.

Start of the academic year
The official academic year 2024/25 will start on September 1 2024.

1: Together with your application you first need to register in Studielink. Please go to the Studielink website and register with the following key words:

  • Name of the school: Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • Kind of program: HBO Master
  • Kind of course: Full-time (in case you apply for Fine Art, Experimental Publishing, Lens-Based Media or Interior Architecture) or select Part-time (for Education in Arts and Master Design)
  • Language: select English

After this selection, several master programs will be visible on your screen and you will be able to select the following courses: Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design: Fine Art, Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design: Experimental Publishing, Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design: Lens-Based Media, Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design, Master Education in Arts or Master Design. Register for your program of choice in order to receive a student number.

Please note, after this step you are not enrolled, it is only a registration to obtain a student number which can take a few days before you receive the email with the number. With the student number you can continue with STEP 2 and upload all the necessary documents in our online application tool

Should you be applying to 2 different PZI Master programs you need to register only once in Studielink. 

Step 2: Use our online application tool to upload all the required documents. Please check all the requirements here