We have two Open Days, in which you can discover more on the Master Design.

When: Saturday 28 October 2023 and Saturday 10 February 2024

Location: Wijnhaven 61 – 4th floor/Master Design room WH 4.139


10.00 am > Master Design room open

11.00 am – 11.45 am > Keynote MD with general Q&A

11.45 am – 13.30 pm > Q&A with Student & Tutors

12.45 pm – 13.15 pm > Academy Tour with Tutor

13.30 pm – 14.30 pm > Keynote MD with general Q&A

15.00 pm > Closing


When: Tuesday 5 March & Tuesday 2 April 2024 / 11 AM – 14 PM

Location: Wijnhaven 61 – 4th floor/Master Design room WH 4.139

In two working & feedback sessions you learn to recognize current contexts for your design goal and related (sub) questions, and to reflect on your professional behavior based on the competencies of the Master Design.
Between both sessions you have the opportunity to talk individually with the involved tutors on your application with the Master Design.
Sign up for the Preliminary Workshops before Monday 26 February, 2024 through

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