Ingrid Commandeur
Course Director

Core Tutors

Kate Brehme
Seminar Making Things Public

Elizabeth Graham
Practice and Research Seminar, graduation supervisor

Lisa Heinis
Graduation supervisor

Çağlar Köseoğlu
Seminar Pedagogies of Study

Irina Shapiro
Seminar Contemporary Issues in Art and Design Education, graduation supervisor

Renée Turner
Seminar Contemporary Issues in Art and Design Education

Marek van de Watering
Graduation Project Seminar, graduation supervisor

Sjoerd Westbroek
Practice and Research Seminar, graduation supervisor

Thijs Witty
Practice and Research Seminar, Graduation Project Seminar, graduation supervisor

In order to stay up to par with the latest developments in the field of art and design education, both in the Netherlands and abroad, we invite guest speakers/tutors and alumni on a regular basis to share their expertise with our students and staff.

Guests, Speakers and Previous Tutors

Clare Butcher is a curator and art educator, previously curator of education for documenta 14 and the Toronto Biennial of Art.

Skye Maule-O’Brien is Practices Leader, Interdisciplinary Pedagogy & Didactics, WdKA, Rotterdam.

Kirstin Broussard, educator MoMA, Berlin/New York.

Emiel Copini, lecturer Master Arts Education and postdoctoral researcher, ArtEZ.

Amal Khalaf, artist, researcher and Projects Curator at the Serpentine Galleries

Sophie Krier is a relational artist, researcher, educator and editor.

Victoria McKenzie is eco-warrior, academic-activist, choreographer. Victoria is a PhD candidate at UCL, University of London. Her Phd is centered in the Department of the History of Art and Ecology where she works at the intersections of eco-feminism, soil ecologies, colonialism, philosophies of being, climate change and the relationship between human and more-than-human worlds.

Anne Nigten, director CASE, Centre for Arts & Sciences Education at AHK, Amsterdam.

Shailloh Philips (alumni) is artist, activist, researcher, educator, hacker, and community organizer. She teaches “theory” for artists, including Performative Action at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Corporeal Discourse in Interior Architecture at Artez (Zwolle) and the discourse program at the Master of Photography & Society at the KABK (Royal Academy of Arts) in The Hague.

Tara Page is head of the practice research PhD Art Practice and Learning programme at Goldsmiths University, London. Tara was a contributor to the MA Arts and Learning (MAAL), Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE: Art and Design- Secondary-Primary), and the BA Education Culture and Society (BAECS) programmes. Tara has also been a teaching fellow at ArtEZ, Netherlands since 2016. Previous to Goldsmiths Tara worked in community arts and primary, secondary and higher education in Canada and Australia.

Rory Pilgrim works in a wide range of media including songwriting, composing music, film, music video, text, drawing and live performances. Centred on emancipatory concerns, Pilgrim aims to challenge the nature of how we come together, speak, listen and strive for social change through sharing and voicing personal experience.

Jules Sturm is research associate in the cluster Art Education in the field of “art/istic teaching” at ZdHK, Zurich. Jules is also an independent researcher and lecturer at Sandberg Institute and Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.

Michelle Teran (born in Canada) is an educator, artist, and researcher. She is a practice-oriented Research Professor of Social Practices at Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA). Her research areas encompass socially engaged and site-specific art, counter-cartographies, social movements, feminist and critical pedagogy.

Rolando Vásquez contributes to the movement of decolonial aesthesis and thought. He is associate professor of sociology at University College Roosevelt and affiliated to the research institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON) and the Gender Studies Department of the University of Utrecht.