On Tuesday & Wednesday May 12 & 13, 2009 an international conference on the shifting relationship between online and print publishing will take place: ‘PRINT/pixel '. The conference is part of the new research programme ‘Communication in a Digital Age' of WdKA's Piet Zwart Institute. The conference offers both public sessions as well as professional sessions. The conference has its own realtime blog.

The conference investigates the shifting relation between online and print publishing. Both can no longer be separated, but complement each other. Yet few advanced comprehensive publication and design strategies beyond ad-hoc copy-paste do exist, and the recent crisis of print news media and advent of new technologies such as e-books and print-on-demand are about to upset the world of designers, editors and publishers. Will XML, cross-media content management systems, ePub, networked on-demand publishing and generative design soon be everyone's vocabulary? International cutting-edge designers, software developers, publishers and researchers – many of them being all of these at once – will give insight into their solutions and discuss the future of publishing.

Speakers include: Open Publishing Lab Rochester Institute of Technology (USA), Simon Worthington (OpenMute publishers, UK), Petr van Blokland (graphic designer and typographer, NL), Gerrit Imsieke (Le-Tex publishing services, Germany), Lou Lichtenberg (Stimuleringsfonds van de Pers, NL), media workgroup of NRC Handelsblad (NL), Alessandro Ludovico (Neural magazine and Mag.net cultural publishing project, IT) and Marc Schwieger (creative director Scholz & Friends, Hamburg); all of this is to be accompanied by a real-time newspaper project by Peter Zuiderwijk (NL), students of WdKA's Minor ‘Editorial Design', conference blogger Arie Altena (NL) and WdKA's CrossLab.

The PRINT/pixel conference offers both public sessions as well as professional sessions. Afternoon conference sessions (12-17 hrs) will take place at WdKA's main building at Blaak 10; these sessions can be attended freely. Professional sessions in the evenings (20-22 hrs) are primarily meant for media and design professionals; these sessions will include concentrated versions of the afternoon presentations along with workgroup-like peer discussions. These sessions take place at the Groot Handelsgebouw, right next to Rotterdam's Central Station. Attendance fee: € 50/evening or € 80/two evenings; for members of non-profit organizations: € 30/evening, € 50/two evenings.

Full programme information can be found here; contact: Saskia Brandt Corstius (PZI). The conference has its own realtime blog.