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Piet Zwart Institute

MFA Open Studios 2020

Open Studios: Piet Zwart Institute Master of Fine Art

Karel Doormanhof 45 

3012 GC Rotterdam 

The Netherlands

February 8th 2020, 11am – 7pm 

What’s hidden in the garden? Where’s the exhibition? Whose hanging by the bar? Which things are on offer in the shop? When’s the radio on? How’s the menu? 

The Master Fine Art at the Piet Zwart Institute kindly invites you to come and have a nosy, meet some friendly faces and sample the wide array of culturally procured goods on offer at its annual open studios. Stop by during Art Rotterdam week and see what goes on in the MFA program’s building in Rotterdam city centre. 

Current students will open up their studios to the public and share their multi-disciplined practices that reflect the schools pedagogical approach. Exhibiting works and performances inside and outside the building, they will take you on a tour through gourmet cooking to green-thumbed gardening, pop-up bar design, radio disc jockeying and keeping shop. There will also be an opportunity to meet the core MFA teaching staff for questions about the programme and teaching methods. Keep an eye on our social media for a full program 

Prospective students, please feel welcome to join our guided tour from 2pm – 3pm

Participating artists: Emma Astner, Christine Ayo, Annabelle Binnerts, Linus Bonduelle, Dagmar Bosma, Antonia Brown, Jake Caleb, Pascale De Graaf, Aimilia Efthimiou, Halla Einarsdóttir, Guillem Arquer Gómez, Diana Al Halabi, Olga Hohmann, Peter Horneland, Jamie Kane, Junghun Kim, Bruno Machado Das Neves, Steven Maybury, Lucía Bayón Mendoza, Lukas Meßner, Christian Aagaard Ovesen, Josie Perry, Petter Dahlström Persson, Yanik Soland, Daphne Simons, Berglind Erna Tryggvadóttir 

And pedagogical team 2019-20: Liesbeth Bik, Kate Briggs, Bernd Krauß, Mike Sperlinger, Jan Verwoert, Nina Wakeford, Katarina Zdjelar.

MFA Open Studios 2020

Open Studios: Piet Zwart Institute Master of Fine Art Karel Doormanhof 45  3012 GC Rotterdam  The Netherlands February... Lees verder

date: Thursday 06, February 2020

doors open: 18:00   |   start: 18:00   |   end: 22:00

location: Pension Almonde   |    Almondestraat 179   |    3032 CD Rotterdam

free entrance + within walking distance from Rotterdam Central Station

Not For Profit Art Party   |   Pension Almonde edition   |   free art experiment   |   1 street of former social housing   |   1 big expo   

The counter-place-to-meet during Art Rotterdam; be welcome at the Not For Profit Art Party: the off-stage stage where experiments and new forms of exhibiting are stimulated. This year, this multidisciplinary shared chaos is taking place at Pension Almonde. Wander through the corridors, meet residents and discover new performances, mixed archives, installations, workshops, video projections and works on, in and next to the walls.

Free entrance + within walking distance from Rotterdam Central Station!

The NFPAP is an independent body, where non-profit presentation institutions from the Netherlands work together to exchange artists, knowledge and informal networks. Including: SIGN,Nieuwe Vide, Expoplu, WORM, VHDG, Tetem,Extrapool,Printroom,Bcademie, and XPub-Piet Zwart Institute with

– two performances:

   * cTrL

   * Vo Ezn

– and a presentation of their publication/installation they did last trimester at DE PLAYER (https://issue.xpub.nl/10)

Pension Almonde is a project by Stad In De Maak in the former social housing units of Almondestraat. The street functions temporarily as a home for city nomads, social and cultural projects, up to the demolition.

the party continues: Friday 07 & Saturday 08 February:  12:00 – 18:00 Sunday 09 February 9:  14:00 – 18:00

Featured Artists: a.o. Masha Somik, Esmay Groot Koerkamp, Stephanie Nypels, Valentina Gal, Bernardo Zanotta, Simon Niks, Data Bosma, Floor Milou Smit, Iris van Wijk, Jacco Jansen, Rosh Abdel Fatah, Rolf Engelen, Roxette Capriles, Sabrina Basten, Nicole Martens, Czar Cristoff, Johann Kauth, Cengiz Menguc, Ruth van Beek, Philippa Driest, Anoushka Pessy, Christy Groen, Emma Kroos, Emmy Vollaard, Flores van de Marel, Kwinnie Le, Pris Roos, S.J. Oosterhuis, Sophia Boeschoten, Suzanne van Soest,…XPUB’s own and more!

And our wonderful hosts who have prepared unexpected experiences for you: Studio C.A.R.E., Woodstone Kugelblitz, KIOSK, Keju Kitchen, Slopera, Pension Almonde, Stad in de Maak – City in the Making.


Pssst. Don’t forget to check out the New Radicalism expo, workshops and talks, it’s just around the corner at MONO

date: Thursday 06, February 2020 doors open: 18:00   |   start: 18:00   |   end: 22:00 location: Pension Almonde  ... Lees verder

THERE ONCE WAS A TIME WHEN WORK AND LEISURE WERE SEPARATE REALMS: YOU WORKED OR YOU PLAYED. THESE DAYS, PLAYING IS WORK AND WORK DEMANDS PLAYING. WHO’S FOOLING WHO, MAY WE ASK? Super happy to invite you to the launch of our latest issue Volume#56 PLAYBOR hosted by Piet Zwart Institute, Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design MIARD at the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam.Speakers: Silvio Lorusso (author of Entreprecariat & V56 contributor), Ben Schouten (Lector Play & Civic Media at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences & V56 contributor) and Saskia Van Stein (Head of MA Research & Curating at Design Academy Eindhoven).In the 24/7 economy, while the public collapses into the private and production has become pervasive and ubiquitous, work is increasingly masqueraded as play. The ‘power’ of gamification is that it works on a cognitive level; not as power that represses, but one that produces. Through the production of playful work or ‘playbor’, gamification shapes identities that fit the needs of our all-pervading contemporary capitalism: enthusiastic, self-engaged, and self-exploitative subjects.In Volume #56 PLAYBOR we dig into the complex relationship between play and work, in its (bio)political, technological and spatial dimensions. These notions —of play and fun, emotion and affect— have burrowed to the heart of the subject of late capitalism. Our affective engagement with the world that surrounds us has been weaponized as a force of production itself. In this issue we’re seeking to dissect and unpack the effects this has had on our relationships to work, to play, to space and, ultimately, to each other. As part of our ongoing collaboration with the Master of Interior Architecture: Research + Design (MIARD) at the Piet Zwart Institute, we sent a call for student projects that react to the questions of: If the line between work and play is increasingly blurring, how is it that designers and architects can attempt to hijack this logic for our own emancipatory ends? If it is no longer only a power that represses but a power that produces, what is the role of interior practices of architecture in confronting it? The winner proposal Ceci Sariol (MIARD second year) will present her project Baby Carpet for the Post-human.Event in EnglishFree entrancehttp://archis.org/publications/volume-56-playbor/


View of PZI at Robert Smithson, Broken Circle/Spiral Hill, 1971. Photo: Jakob Forster. COURSE DIRECTOR – MASTER FINE ART (0,8 FTE) 

Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (WdKA/RUAS), offers a variety of bachelor and master programmes in the field of visual culture, art, design, education in arts, and leisure management. All master courses are organized within the Piet Zwart Institute (PZI). 

About the Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design: Fine Art

The Master Fine Art at Piet Zwart Institute (PZI) is a two year English-taught Master of Arts in the Fine Art and Design programme.The programme fosters the professional development of emerging artists through exposure to key actors and influences in the field of contemporary art, professional guidance and workshops, and by offering opportunities for presenting ideas and work to wider audiences. Our collective ambition is to provide our students with a challenging, supportive and responsive learning environment, as well as a curriculum that offers the creative structure and committed resources they need to develop their individual and collective senses of artistic purpose and agency.


The Course Director is responsible for advancing the research and teaching missions of the programme, and leading on curriculum and assessment development, faculty and student recruitment, and the management of organizational resources and structures with the needs of our international community in mind. We are looking for a resourceful and innovative international arts professional, who has imaginative visions for promoting excellence in artistic research and practice, in the context of arts education, but also in the professional field.Therefore he/she/they:· Maintains an inspiring teaching and learning environment for staff and students.· Leads the MFA with vision, and advances the research, teaching and professional missions of the MFA programme in alignment with broader institutional agendas at PZI and WdKA.· Works as a team with other Course Directors of the PZI and Major and Practice leaders at the WdKA.· Works with the WdKA research professors.· Participates in the development of artistic research.· Promotes the programme, students, faculty, alumni on national and international level.· Fosters relations with national, international and Rotterdam-based cultural and education organizations, including the Rotterdam Arts and Sciences Lab (RASL).Requirements

· A Master’s Degree or PhD in a relevant field.· A genuine enthusiasm for working with and mentoring contemporary artists.· A collegial attitude towards administrative and collaborative work across the PZI/WdKA.· EU/ECC work authorization.· Fluency in English, and a willingness to learn Dutch.· He/she/they is an excellent communicator who excels at sharing expertise and facilitating exchange within and outside of the MFA programme, in particular with the bachelor programmes of WdKA.· Prepared to move to the Netherlands.


Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences offers a temporary contract, from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021, with the possibility for extension into a permanent contract. The salary ranges from €4,326.54 to €5,564.23 gross per month (salary scale 12) for a full time appointment, exclusive of additional 8% holiday pay and 8.3% end-of-year bonus. Secondary benefits include professional training opportunities and an attractive pension scheme.The tasks are divided between:

0.6 fte course leader, management and education0.2 fte research (to be discussed on hiring)

All staff members of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences must be able to submit a Certificate of Conduct (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag, VOG) issued by the Dutch Minister of Justice and Security.

Additional information

Informal enquiries about the position or the selection procedure can be directed to:wdka-PZIMFA@hr.nl.

Deadline for applications: March 1, 2020

Online applications through here

Please do not use this vacancy as an acquisition opportunity.

View of PZI at Robert Smithson, Broken Circle/Spiral Hill, 1971. Photo: Jakob Forster. COURSE DIRECTOR – MASTER FINE ART (0,8... Lees verder

The annual Piet Zwart Institute Open Day will take place on February 1st 2020, from 10.00 until 15.00.

Throughout the day both the Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA) and the Piet Zwart Institute (PZI) Master studio spaces will be open to the public. It is a day when many PZI staff and students are present to field your questions. Some Masters hold presentations, and it is also a time when the ten WDKA stations located throughout the WdKA Blaak 10 and Wijnhaven 61 Buildings are open for you to roam in and out of, giving you a better idea of our current facilities.

The Masters Interior Architecture: Research + Design, Education in Arts; Experimental Publishing; Lens-Based Media and Master Design are located in the Wijnhaven 61 building on the fourth floor and the Master Fine Art is located in the KDH building, Karel Doormanhof 45.

In addition to this year’s open day, the Master Fine Art welcomes you to visit the Karel Doormanhof 45 building during their Open Studios event on February 8th 2020, as a part of Art Rotterdam.

For further information about the Piet Zwart Institute, please contact us via:

Phone (Monday to Thursday): +31 (010) 794 7405 and  +31 (010) 794 7401 E-mail: pzwart-info@hr.nl

We strongly advise you to visit us during our open day.

If you are not able to join us it may be possible to make an appointment for an individual visit. Please note, we cannot guarantee this option, due to the limited time between now and the approaching application deadlines.

Application Deadlines:

March 6, 2020: Priority deadline for completed applications of Dutch and EU applicants. And, Final deadline NON EU applicants.

April 24, 2020: Final deadline for completed applications of all EU/EEA applicants.

Note: the Master Design follows a different application process. Find more on our website.

Mailing list Each department sends regular email announcements for its public events. If you would like to be on this mailing list, please send an email to pzwart-info@hr.nl and refer to the Piet Zwart Institute public programme mailing list.

The annual Piet Zwart Institute Open Day will take place on February 1st 2020, from 10.00 until 15.00. Throughout the day both the Willem... Lees verder

Space Popular


Public Lecture: The Global Home, 18:30, Wijnhaven 61, 3011 WJ Rotterdam.Space Popular develops research and architecture across the physical and virtual realms. In this lecture they will present their work concerning architectural issues of value, communication, representation and interaction in the age of the virtual.

Founders & Directors

Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg are graduates from the Architectural Association in London and founded Space Popular in Bangkok in 2013. The practice has since completed built projects both in Asia and Europe and participated in a wide range of international competitions. In 2011 they joined INDA, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok where they were both 2nd and 3rd year coordinators respectively from 2013 to 2016 where they were an integrated part of making the program one of the strongest undergraduate programs in South East Asia. They have led a wide range of research projects and workshops in Europe and Asia and have through their design and research studio Tools for Architecture investigated topics such as masonry structures, space of political debate, renewable materials and virtual architecture. In the fall of 2016 they launched Tools for Architecture at the Architectural Association in London where they are unit masters of  Intermediate One where second and third year students explore experience driven design methods

Space Popular www.spacepopular.com Public Lecture: The Global Home, 18:30, Wijnhaven 61, 3011 WJ Rotterdam.Space Popular develops research... Lees verder

Thursday 12 December 2019 | open: 20:00 | start: 20:30 | end live sets: 23:00

Location: DE PLAYER – Hillelaan 49D, RotterdamAdmission: €8,- | Students: €6,-

Facebook event

DE PLAYER and Experimental Publishing XPUB / Piet Zwart Institute present:INPUT/OUTPUTA night about new interfaces for sound and performance arts

with: Roc Jiménez de Cisneros (EVOL) and the students of Experimental Publishing — It is time for printed circuit boards (PCB’s), patterns, deformation, imitation, stretching, remoteness, alphabets, notification, phonetics and more. Together with the students of the The Piet Zwart Institute Experimental Publishing course, we are stepping into an unstable and unknown area in which the processes and challenges for the artist are equal to those for the audience. During this evening we will present the results of a collaborative seminar on modules, in combination with different specific tools designed by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros from EVOL and other artists. This event is part of our research project ‘)HRHED(‘, in which we investigate new social and artistic interfaces for sound and performance arts. Recently, together with Spatial Media Laboratories (SML), we presented a workshop on interfacing inaudible phenomena. In our program for next year we have already scheduled full event presentations of new works, together with ITU (Anni Puolakka & Miša Skalskis), Evelin Brosi and Caz Egelie, who are also part of this research project. — ■ Roc Jiménez de Cisneros will present a brand new EVOL project called ‘SOUP’, a MIDI sequencer based on Hanne Darboven’s 1984 Opus 17A – a piece EVOL has been reworking multiple times since about five years ago, and this one is likely to be their last version. ‘SOUP’ is a little box that plays the original sequence of notes in Darboven’s piece, and lets you modify it by tweaking six knobs that alter a number of things such as length (from one note to the whole score), speed (from regular to f*cked *p) and so on… Basically, you can either play it conservatively (the same way as a pattern in an old-school synth), or play around with it and quickly turn Opus 17A into weird “techno”-sounding arpeggios and wonky sequences. In contrast to a conventional sequencer, you can not enter any notes. In that sense, the sequencer operates autonomously. It also doesn’t produce any sound on its own, but only sends out MIDI messages over USB – and it is entirely up to the user to decide what to do with them. It is a very conscious decision they made to ensure it will produce wildly different results in various hands. Only ten units have been made, all done by hand and very low-key. ■ Together with the students of The Piet Zwart Institute Experimental Publishing course, we have been researching new interfaces within the field of publishing. Over the course of one trimester, each of the students worked on their own sound module and tweaked it into their own conceptual project. No restrictions on INPUT. No restrictions on OUTPUT. This resulted into a series of ten multilingual printed circuit boards, offering different stand-alone devices which can be noodled or joined together based on customer demands. All the individual projects, as well as the whole research project, will be presented and tested on this evening. In addition to the modules, a publication is included in the form of a 30 by 30 centimeter printed circuit board containing all the background information of each individual project, plus a printed booklet with the guidelines for assembling all devices through DIY efforts. Soon available in our webshop, and during the event itself. → In below some extra liner notes to give you a glimpse of all the individual projects within this seminar: • Avital Barkai – ‘Generator’; an image maker controlled by both hardware and external sound. • Damlanur Bilgin – ‘Carbon‘; a synthesizer that uses graphite markings on paper to manipulate sound. • Sandra Golubjevaite – ’seven [‘7’]’; a straight forward .print&.read device that unfolds a poem depending on the user’s interaction with it. • Tisa Neža Herlec – ’DISTRACTION MANAGER’; a wearable “notification” generator, a stimulator for awareness, a trigger apparatus for human beings. • Max Lehmann – ‘GLARE’; an accessible, gesture controllable sound interface. • Clara Noseda – ‘remote control’; a tool for storytelling, where different narratives around the same topic can blend with each other to generate new trains of thought. • Anna Sandri – ‘VISIBILE SPEECH’; this project employs phonetic vocabularies and other oddities to visually reproduce conversations. It communicates by using constructed & non-constructed languages, human-readable and machine-readable alphabets. • Mark van den Heuvel – ‘Flakes’; an audio playback device that combines the functionalities of an analog cassette tape player and a digital sample playback module. • Ioana Tomici – ‘MODULAR LINGUISTICS’; an application based on a series of electronic objects which are programmed to speak. The words chosen to be part of its vocabularies are spoken in unison, generating new associations between terms. • Mika Motskobili – ‘TXX.uo’; a module which consolidates two contrasting radio frequency implementation modes: the RFID reader scans and sonifies the cards, while the LCD screen displays a Q-code and converts it into sound. The module also sends out binary signals. —

de player: https://www.deplayer.nl/events/de-player-experimental-publishing-xpub-present-inputoutput

Thursday 12 December 2019 | open: 20:00 | start: 20:30 | end live sets: 23:00 Location: DE PLAYER – Hillelaan 49D, RotterdamAdmission:... Lees verder

The floor is an inevitable surface and western architecture has strived to keep it flat, to mute it, and it is therefore rarely questioned. The ground, from which the soil constitutes the superficial living layer, is the source of all the materials traditionally used in architecture.Undermatters is focusing on what sits below our feet as a lens to understand space from a different perspective and ultimately create an architecture able to address gravity, materiality, deep time and material sourcing.

Ana Cecilia SariolYiyang LiuMao ZhangYoungji LeeJitivi BanthaisongHedvig Maria Koertz MikkelsenPhilippa LorenzenJulia Anna LowinskaMateusz TkaczenMirela AtanassovaIngmar KönigRicardo Nemeye Van WijkVera Sofia SchneiderSaskia de Fabritiis

Wednesday December 11Cookies HQ Basement150 Eendrachstraat 3012XR Rotterdam from 18.00 to 21.00.

Projects by second year students from Master Interior Architecture – Research + Design (MIARD) at the Piet Zwart Institute

Tutors : Federico Martelli, Clément Périssé – CookiesCourse Director : Alex Augusto SuarezCourse Coordinator: Zoraïma Hupkes

The floor is an inevitable surface and western architecture has strived to keep it flat, to mute it, and it is therefore rarely... Lees verder

MIARD warmly invites you to the Borderland Exhibition opening on Tuesday December 10th, 2019 from 18:00-22:00 at Wijkcoop010, Rotterdam. Projects by first year students from Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design (MIARD) at the Piet Zwart Institute.

Borderland is a project about historical and cultural entanglement. Projects presented in this exhibition work through the idea that the world we inhabit today cannot be understood in separation from an imperialist and colonial canon. As such, we are concerned with forms of ideological and aesthetic representation in ways that allow us to develop curatorial installations in relation to postcolonial theory; (re)negotiating  implicit  transitional  qualities, questioning the prefix “post” of “postcolonial”.

Date: Tuesday December 10th, 2019 from 18:00-22:00Location: Wijkcoop010, Zomerhofstraat 75, 3032 CK Rotterdam

Looking forward to see you!

Angelo Ciccaglione, Leila El-Kayem, Eva Garibaldi, Noélle Ingeveldt , Katharina Kasinger Nury Lee, Gavin O’Leary, Rachel Refael, Milena Sekulic, Denisse Vega de Santiago, Maria Dorothea Weis

Tutors: Dr. Ephraim Joris, Natasha Marie Llorens, Olivier Otten, Daphne Heemskerk Course Director: Alex Augusto SuárezCourse Coordinator: Zoraïma Hupkes  

MIARD warmly invites you to the Borderland Exhibition opening on Tuesday December 10th, 2019 from 18:00-22:00 at Wijkcoop010, Rotterdam.... Lees verder

Anthony Green

Date: Tuesday 10 December, 2019 from 19:00 till 20:30Location: Karel Doormanhof 45, 3012 GC Rotterdam

Mitigating Multiplicities: a study of a complex practiceAs politics, social environments, geographies, and climates continue to change, how do artists keep up – i.e. continue, remain relevant, but also avoid compromising?What does a complex practice look like in a world where the role of art seems to be losing value?In this talk, composer, performer, and social justice artist Anthony R. Green discusses these issues in the context of his interdisciplinary practice, focusing on how identity, history, current political trends, and absolute music and art can function synergetically. 

The practice of Anthony R. Green (composer, performer, social justice artist) is concerned with the metaphysics of the opressed, hyperbole and embodiment of injustice, and continuous questioning.His work has been presented at Tivoli Vredenburg (Utrecht), StadsSalon (Amsterdam), studio ilka theurich (Hannover), Cité de la musique et de la danse (Strasbourg), Symphony Space (New York), Spectrum (New York), LiteraturHaus (Copenhagen), The Shoe Factory (Nicosia), The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (Omaha), the Charles River Esplanade (Boston), and others.His work has been interpreted by Gabriela Díaz, Wendy Richman, Ashleigh Gordon, Hayk Melikyan, NOISE-BRIDGE, ALEA III, the Fidelio Trio, the Playground Ensemble, BLY, counter)induction, the Keuris Sax Quartet, Ossia New Music Ensemble, and Alarm Will Sound, to name a few.As a performer (interpreter, performance artist) and scholar, he has performed and presented research for various conferences and festivals as an invited guest in the USA, the UK, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.He is a former McKnight Visiting Composer fellow, a past resident artist at institutions in Europe and the US, and the composer-in-residence and associate artistic director of Castle of our Skins: celebrating Black Artistry through Music.  www.anthonyrgreen.com ; www.foundwork.art/artists/anthonyrgreen

Anthony Green Date: Tuesday 10 December, 2019 from 19:00 till 20:30Location: Karel Doormanhof 45, 3012 GC... Lees verder